Test of the Valera Swiss Selent Jet 8600 Ionic professional hair dryer

The manufacturers emphasize that the Valera Swiss Selent Jet 8600 Ionic can be used in salons. But do you need a professional device at home? And what is the difference between a professional hair dryer and a domestic hair dryer?? Let’s see..

Valera Swiss Selent Jet 8600 Ionic

The features

Price: 9990 Dollars.

Power rating: 2000 – 2400 W.

Modes: 2 airflow rates weak airflow/strong airflow , 3 temperature modes warm air/hot air/very hot air , cool air, automatic ionizer.

Handle with removable air inlet grill, hanging loop, control panel on the side of the handle, cool air inlet button on the inside, 300 cm cord length, cord twist protection, 2000 hour AC motor.

The nozzles: two concentrators 8,3×0,8 cm, 6,4×1 cm , a diffuser.

Color: metallic gray, nozzles and buttons in black.

Dimensions: 26×28 cm. Weight: 0.560 grams.

Warranty: 2 years in professional use for 6 months .

Country – manufacturer: Switzerland.

First impression

A compact, robust and simple hair dryer.

Valera Swiss Selent Jet 8600 Ionic


  • Body and handle are plastic, no rubberized parts. The curved shape of the handle makes it very comfortable to hold.
  • It comes with three nozzles: two concentrators and a diffuser. The nozzles are easy to put on, with very little force to take them off, and stay firmly in place. The hairpieces are robust, made of thick plastic, and are built to withstand the drops. Test shows that the hair dryer heads hardly ever get hot to the touch during drying, even at maximum drying temperature.
  • The air inlet grid is removable, which allows you to clean the hair dryer from dirt. In the manual it is written that under some models there is a removable filter that can be taken out and washed. I did not find the filter on this hair dryer.
  • The cord is thick and 3m long, just as a professional model should. That gives the freedom of movement during drying and styling.
  • The special device patented system Rotocord prevents the cord from twisting, which is very important for easy work with the hair dryer.
  • The eyelet is not too big, but it makes the hair dryer easy to hang on the hook.


Valera Swiss Selent Jet 8600

It’s very simple. On the side of the handle are two switches: the upper regulates the temperature, the lower the airflow.

The buttons are right under your right thumb, so you can switch between them without taking your attention away from the drying process.

Hidden on the inside of the handle is a round button, which you can press in any mode of the hair dryer. The only thing is that there is no marking on it, and I defined it by experience.

The ionization is turned on automatically with the hair dryer, no button and no indication.


Valera Swiss Selent Jet 8600

  • The manufacturers recommend that you equip the hair dryer with a safety differential switch for a maximum current of 30 mA.

  • This model is equipped with a safety thermostat, and not only turns off automatically in case of overheating, but also automatically turns on again after a break. This was not simulated during our test: the hair dryer did not overheat.

  • You should not use it near a bathtub, sink, or any other container full of water. It is always a good idea to unplug the hair dryer after it is used in the bathroom. The marking on the inside of the case of the hair dryer was designed accordingly.


Valera hair dryer

The box of the hair dryer indicates that the noise level is 65dB(A . Our measurements with the noise meter showed that a hair dryer at maximal speed/temperature could increase the noise level in the room by 37-40 dB(A .

The noise is smooth and low if the hair dryer operates at first speed, but a higher hum is added when you switch to second speed.

Practical test: drying and laying

Valera Swiss Selent



2 speed 3 temp.

2030 W

2 speed 2 temp.

1098 W

2 speed/ 1 temp.

124 W

1 speed 3 speed.

1520 Watt

1 speed 2 temp

1048 W

1 speed/ 1 temp.


Measured maximum temperature – around 100° C in mode 3, 80-90° C in mode 2*


Measured at maximum speed and maximum temperature with Sinometer BM300. It works for a few minutes with the hair dryer pointed at a cardboard box 15 cm away from the nozzle. We registered the maximum value on the thermometer display.

Valera Swiss Selent Jet 8600

The manufacturers warn about getting very hot air when the hair dryer is running in mode 3, and it is true. For normal hair drying, the hair dryer does not have to work at its maximum capabilities, it is enough the 2 modes.

The box of the hair dryer has information that it helps save the color of my hair.

I haven’t noticed any great color retention, but it is quick, easy and comfortable to dry hair with this hair dryer.

The cold air button works great: When you press it, the air temperature drops noticeably in a matter of seconds.

Two hubs included. Both are narrow, which emphasizes the professionalism of this hair dryer.

There is also a diffuser, it is completely plastic, no massage effect. The instructions for the hair dryer give detailed recommendations for its use: the diffuser is needed to add softness and volume to wavy hair, when styling with it, you should use the minimum speed and minimum airflow temperature, and “enter the fingers of the diffuser, as you would enter the fingers of your hands”.

The hair dryer is compact, yet powerful and handy. You can take it everywhere: it does not take much space in your suitcase, but it saves you time on vacation and lets you take care of your hair the way you want it.

The price of the device is high enough, but justified, because in the hair dryer is a Swiss-made motor, which ensures reliable operation. I liked that the nozzles do not heat up during drying, unlike other hair dryers participating in the test.

Valera Swiss Selent Jet 8600 Ionic

AC motor, ergonomic handle, compact size, nice cold blowing mode, easy controls.

There is no separate button to turn on/off the ionization.

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