Premium shower enclosures are now available to the mass consumer

GuteWetter has launched the new LAX range of premium shower enclosures at a price that the average consumer can afford. The retail price of the model is 38,600 Dollars. The product is pentagonal in shape and frameless, which means it is attached directly to the walls or the tray. The configuration is both stylish and space-saving in the bathroom.

Shower enclosures

The LAX premium shower enclosure

Today frameless shower enclosures are especially popular. After all, minimalism and transparency of forms have been the trend of the season for several years in a row. The profile-less pentagonal product is the perfect solution for expanding your space. If previously not everyone could afford such a fence, now we finally managed to offer our customers a premium-class product at a price 20-30% lower than analogues”

, Ludmila Adestova, CEO of GuteWetter, comments.

The new range of enclosures is made of 8mm thick tempered glass, which guarantees greater durability. The standard height increased to 200 cm, allows you to install this model directly on the tile in the bathroom and avoid splashing. Surface can be treated with GuteClean water and limescale protection. Lift-and-loosen hinges ensure reliable, long-term operation of swing doors.

The original pentagon can harmoniously fit into any interior style from Empire style to techno style by adding a drawing based on your own sketch or unusual bronze fittings.

The shower enclosure is sold in retail stores throughout America under the brand name “Akvaton.

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