Review of Timberk TAP FL200 MF air cleaner with fragrance: we don’t mind a grey mist

The air cleaner is made in strict style and has small dimensions. RubberEffect body has an unusual appearance, as if rubberized, which gives it a solid appearance.

Air purifiers

Air cleaner with fragrance Timberk TAP FL200 MF


PERFORMANCE: air capacity is 150 m³ /hour, recommended area of the room 15-20 m² with ceiling height 2m.

CONTROL: electronic, LED indication of modes, timer to turn off.

FEATURES: 4-in-1 device – air cleaner + ionizer + aromatizer + ultraviolet lamp.

CONSTRUCTION: 3 speed, 6 stages of air purification, 3 filters. Noise level no more than 40 dB. Degree of protection against dust and moisture – iPx0, electrical protection class – IIclass.

COLOR: black with Rubber Effect coating .


SIZES: device – 329h170h303 mm, in a package – 400h210h360 mm.

WEIGHT: 4 kg, packed 5 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


PRICE: 5841 Dollars.


The air purifier is made in strict style, has small dimensions. RubberEffect body looks very unusual, it is as if rubberized, which gives it a solid appearance.

The control panel with blue and white lights blends very organically into the front of the device. Controls are pictogrammed, so the use of air cleaner is not a problem. All options are indicated, and one glance is enough to understand the mode of operation of the device.

Timer shuts off the air purifier after 1, 2 and 4 hours in automatic mode.


The device performs 4 functions – air cleaner, air aromatization, air ionization and ultraviolet lamp. The device has 3 air treatment speeds and 6 cleaning levels. 3 cartridges for air purification – HEPA filter, carbon filter and photocatalytic filter.

The device is complete with a lemon scented capsule. When it runs out, you can pour any fragrance oil or favorite perfume into the container.


Before using the appliance for the first time, remove all packaging film! Remove the side panels and unpack the filters! Read these instructions carefully! Remove the shipping package!

Reasonable price, stylish design, UV lamp.

Noisy fan at 3 speed.

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