Overview of the ultrasonic fragrance-humidifier series Spa-Box 1.0 Timberk THU ADF 01 (W): Breathe!

This is an air freshener with humidifying function. The model is truly unique, similar proposals do not exist on the market. In order to fill the room with your favorite fragrance, simply fill the reservoir with water and add scented oil or a favorite perfume. Essential oils, which make up many essential oils, are natural antibiotics, have antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic action, and are excellent oxygen carriers at the cellular level


Climate technology

Spa-Box 1 series ultrasonic fragrance humidifier.0 Timberk THU ADF 01 W


COMBINATION PERFORMANCE: 30 ml/h, recommended area for fragrance function up to 2 m ceiling height : 15-20 m2.

VOLUME: 0.12L.

CONTROL: mechanical.

FEATURES: 4-in-1 device: aromatizer + humidifier + acoustic + night light.

DIMENSIONS: 160x160x84mm. WEIGHT: 0.5Kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


PRICE: 2380 Dollars.



The device pleases the eye and will have to taste even the most demanding consumer. The round shape and compact size allows the fragrance humidifier to be placed on almost any surface. Model is available in two colors – matt black or white with pearl shade.


Before us is the air freshener with humidification. The model is really unique, no similar proposals on the market.

In order to fill the room with your favorite fragrance, simply fill the tank with a small amount of water and add fragrance oil or your favorite perfume. Essential oils, contained in many essential oils, are natural antibiotics, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic, and are excellent oxygen carriers at the cellular level.

There is a nozzle on the top of the device for the outlet of cold flavored steam. Humidification is important in autumn and winter, when the central heating works and dries the air.

The next function is illumination. The user can select one of three modes: automatically changing the color of the backlight, favorite color of your choice and “off”. Three colors of illumination – soft red, muted blue and green. There are many more tones with automatic switching there is, for example, purple, and turquoise, and pink . With enabled light function the device can be used as a night light. By the way, the steam is also illuminated, which is very nice for children.

What makes the device truly unique is the high-quality 3-watt built-in speaker. Playback is possible from any device with Bluetooth function – tablet, smartphone, MP3 player, etc.d. The device supports iOS and Android. That means you can fully relax, listen to your favorite music and enjoy the pleasant aroma in the comfort of your own home.

Another nice detail – each function can work independently, which, you will agree, is convenient.

Rich functionality, built-in acoustics.

Small water tank, no radio tuner.

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