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Kitchen air cleaner Elikor Quartz /Elikor_Kvarc

Kitchen air cleaner Elikor Quartz


PERFORMANCE: 1000 m3/hour.

POSITION: up to 31 m2 with 2.7 m ceiling height and up to 83 m3 volume .

NOISE LEVEL: 35-52 dB 1-4 speed .

POWER: 280 Watt.

CONTROL: Agate touch screen, 4 speeds, timer.

LIGHTING: halogen, 2x20W.

SIZES: 600x445x800-1150mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year + 5 years on the motor.


The company’s new hood combines the most efficient technical solutions brand and new design without sharp angles. The body of the model is made of tempered glass, and there are three colors in the collection – black, white and beige. False pipe is painted in the color of the hood. Shape with radii similar to those used on the front. For fixing this element are used convenient brackets. The hood motor has a high power, enough to use in a room of about 30 sq.m.m., It is made in Italy and has a five year warranty. Perimeter suction system used in the appliance improves the efficiency of the motor and the noise level is lower. On the first stage of operation it is only 35dB, the sound when you turn it on is almost invisible. The Agate touch panel is used to select the speed, there are four of them. It has a timer that allows to postpone the cooker hood shutdown. Timer can be used in any mode, it is designed for 15 minutes.

Price: 15 490 Dollars.

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  1. Tatum

    Can someone please share their experience with the ELIKOR kitchen air cleaner Quartz? Does it effectively eliminate odors and smoke from cooking? How loud is it while operating? And does it require frequent filter replacements? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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