Overview of the kitchen air cleaner Elikor Ampir

Big appliances for the kitchen

Classic design, great warranty.


Only one type of wood.

Kitchen air cleaner Elikor Ampir

Kitchen air cleaner


PERFORMANCE: 650 m3/hour.

PRIMARY AREA: up to 20 meters2 2.7 m ceiling height, up to 54 m3 capacity .

NOISE LEVEL: 36-56dB 1 speed

POWER: 200 W.

CONTROL: Slider, 3 speeds.

LIGHTING: halogen, 2x20W.

DIMENSIONS: 596x498x648-908 mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year on hood + 5 years on the turbine.


The new model for classic kitchens and country-style interiors is decorated with a high carved cornice with an arched ending, which attracts attention to the hearth area, focusing on it. Top frame made of stained solid beech wood. To match the appliance perfectly with the furniture, one rule must be applied: the wood shade of the cupboard fronts must be close to the shade of the hood or contrast with that of the furniture. Body is made of high-alloy steel, with subsequent painting. Cream color of the cabinet harmonizes with the saturated shade of wood. The shape of the hood dome is traditional: it’s a truncated pyramid with wooden edging on top.


The hood is designed for installation in large kitchens up to 20 sq.m.m. Hoods motor is Italian, has a five-year guarantee, efficiency and low noise level. The vacuum is designed primarily to extract air from the kitchen. Its turbine generates a stream of air which is sucked inside. Here it passes through a permanent grease filter made of anodized aluminum. The filter is not subject to replacement, you only need to wash it once every 3-4 months by hand in soapy water or with a dishwasher.

When it is not possible to install an air extraction system, the hood is used in recirculation mode. For this purpose, a set of charcoal filters is put on the motor, and the air passes not one but two stages of purification. Activated charcoal chips in the charcoal filter. It absorbs fine impurities – combustion gases, odors and moisture. Filters should be replaced with new ones every 2-3 months.


Slider control: Use a slider to choose one of three motor speeds. Backlighting is available – a pair of halogen lamps, which can be switched with a button.

12 800 Dollars.

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