Review of humidifier Air-O-Swiss: air is chased through a cloud of steam

The humidifier for the winter Sahara

When the heating season starts, the humidity in our apartments can drop to 20 percent, lower than in the Sahara desert! Dry air, aspiring to restore balance of moisture, will “pull” it from everywhere. It can damage natural wooden furniture, parquet and even veneered doors.

The owners will also not be healthy: reduced immunity associated with drying and cracking of mucous membranes, premature aging of the skin, headaches and rapid fatigue – this is just a small list of the obvious consequences of low humidity levels.

Ultrasonic humidifiers can help to avoid these and many other problems: Here is one of them – Air-O-Swiss series U650. The model is mobile, economical, easy to operate and designed for twenty-four-hour operation

Where to put?

This model will be especially useful in children rooms. It is known that a child’s body contains 15 percent more moisture than an adult’s, and even a slight loss of moisture can lead to weakening of the immune system, the development of allergies and dysbacteriosis.

Humidifiers Air-O-Swiss U650 will create a comfortable level of humidity for a child of 55-60 percent and help to avoid a number of complications. Besides the model has a minimal noise level, comparable with the clock ticking, and a special “night” mode.

Operating Principle

Humidifiers use an interesting physical effect: a membrane is placed inside the housing that vibrates at a high frequency, breaking the water into tiny drops. The humidifier thus generates a cloud of water and a fan draws in air to create a gentle and effective humidification effect.

Air-O-Swiss U650 ultrasonic humidifiers use an innovative “gold” membrane. Gold coloring of the membrane is due to a special titaniumnitrite coating, which is also used for decoration and protection of church domes.

Air-O-Swiss U650 humidifier has an automatic ITC mode. Thanks to its hygrostat and temperature sensor, it can automatically maintain the ideal humidity level depending on the temperature in the room.

In “night” mode the device automatically keeps the humidity level as comfortable as possible for sleeping, and the LCD display changes the brightness to a less intensive.

Note also the function “warm steam”: within 30 minutes the water is heated to 80 ° C pasteurization , while dying all the pathogenic bacteria. Outgoing steam is purified and the output increases up to 550 g/h.

For even more comfort, the humidifier Air-O-Swiss U650 has a modern electronic unit with i-touch control, every button press is accompanied by an unobtrusive sound signal, which makes operation of the device even easier and clearer. And for those who prefer mechanical control, there is the Air-O-Swiss U600.

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