Air-O-Swiss U650 humidifier: the gold membrane makes you want to breathe again and again

The ultrasonic humidifier Air-O-Swiss U650 incorporates the latest development in the field of healthy microclimate. The microclimate of the living room should be maintained according to parameters that are as close as possible to a healthy and pure atmosphere. The Air-O-Swiss U650 regulates the relative humidity in the room and makes breathing comfortable and easy.


The “heart” of the device is an innovative “gold” membrane coated with titaniumnitrite that vibrates at high frequency and breaks the water into tiny droplets, which are turned into a cloud of “steam” and blown into the room with the help of a fan.

But before reaching the ultrasonic membrane, the water passes through a special AG+ cartridge with silver particles, where it is softened and cleaned of lime, rust and mineral salts.

The next step is pasteurization. When you activate the “warm steam” function, the water heats up to 80° for 30 minutes. Outgoing steam becomes sterile clean and the unit output increases up to 550 g/h.

With built-in electronic hygrostat and temperature sensor, the device independently determines the desired humidity level depending on the air temperature.

And with the ITC function, it can automatically maintain values for a set period of time up to 8 hours or in continuous mode.

Humidifier can be controlled by an electronic unit with i-touch control, for convenient operation, each button press is accompanied by a soft sound.

The humidifier is energy efficient and user friendly. The appliance has a dimmer display mode and is equipped with low water level and cleaning indicators. The Air-O-Swiss U650 can create a comfortable and healthy atmosphere in your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no extra cost.

Elegant design completes the picture: flowing lines of high quality plastic, stylish front panels in white and black and the famous Swiss quality make the Air-O-Swiss U650 a new class of humidifiers.

Minimalist and yet stylishly designed, the appliance is suitable for almost any interior.

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