Return of the legend: ACV presented a modified series of boilers Delta Classic



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Aqua-Therm the American division of the Belgian company ACV, occupying the leading position in the production and sale of stainless steel boilers on technology “tank-in-tank”, introduced a two-circuit gas boiler Delta Classic with an integrated boiler.


economic situation


Increased demand for budget equipment, so the manufacturer decided to return to the market floor standing boilers with atmospheric gas burners that are quite affordable with their high quality and performance characteristics.

Heating technology

According to ACV specialists, Delta Classic reduced the cost of its equipment by using atmospheric gas burners and maximum simplicity of the equipment. The atmospheric burner design is much simpler in comparison with the fan-type or premix-type burners. This significantly reduces their cost. The Delta Classic model already includes an atmospheric burner as standard boiler, which allowed the price of the Delta Classic boilers to be reduced by a factor of 1.5 compared to the Delta Pro series, where the burner had to be purchased separately.

Also the idea of maximum simplicity and reliability, including control, laid down by the engineers, influenced the final cost of the equipment. On the body of the boiler only 2 buttons: start stop and switch between summer and winter modes.

Maxim Ryzhak, CEO of ACV Rus“Despite the fact that “smart” devices dominate the home appliances market now, there is always a need for less intelligent and, accordingly, inexpensive and reliable appliances.Thus, the simplified series Delta Classic has no additional features, such as, for example, control via Wi-Fi, but has all the necessary set of characteristics to regulate and ensure effective and safe operation of the boiler. In addition, it is always possible to purchase additional automatics and implement complex control schemes, such as weather control, etc.”.

Despite their simplicity and affordability, boilers Delta Classic have an increased efficiency and a wide range of tasks. In particular, thanks to the built-in boiler the equipment provides not only heating but also preparation of the required amount of hot water.

Heating equipment
Heating equipment

Boiler design

Built-in water heater is made of stainless steel using a patented “Buck-in-Tank” technology, which ensures high speed of water heating, self-cleaning from limescale and a long service life. Built-in boiler on all sides is surrounded by the coolant, which increases the heat transfer surface compared to conventional double-circuit boilers and thus provides a higher output at a relatively small volume of internal volume.

It is worth to note that boilers with atmospheric burners are almost noiseless. The lack of fans has a positive impact on reliability and service life of the equipment. However, there are some limitations: in particular, atmospheric boilers are sensitive to gas pressure in the main, do not work at a reduced head and require a quality chimney.

Delta Classic 35 kW model will appear on the American market in spring 2016.

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