REDMOND RMC-IH450 WIFI induction multicooker with Wi-Fi! Coming soon!

For the first time REDMOND engineers have implemented innovative WI-FI control and induction heating technology in one device for home use. The easy operation of the multicooker is ensured by a specially developed mobile app, which also allows the user to collect a collection of favorite recipes in their smartphone or tablet and cook even the most complex dishes at the touch of a button. Cooking with a REDMOND multicooker



Maximum ease and convenience – no need to study the instructions and inscriptions on the panel, all actions can be performed through a mobile device.

Functional advantages of the REDMOND RMC-IH450 WIFI induction multicooker with Wi-Fi

  • Full remote control of the multicooker

    All controls of the REDMOND RMC-IH450 WIFI multicooker are duplicated in a dedicated REDMOND mobile app: you can fully control your multicooker using any mobile device – tablet, PDA or smartphone.Now it is possible to monitor the cooking process, change time and temperature, turn on and off the necessary programs and functions from your mobile device without direct contact with the REDMOND RMC-IH450 WIFI multicooker from any room within your home Wi-Fi network.
    • Large selection of recipes from the REDMOND chefs. The innovative REDMOND RMC-IH450 WIFI comes with a dedicated mobile app with a huge range of recipes developed by REDMOND chefs. Choose any dish you like and command the RMC-IH450 WIFI multicooker to cook it via your mobile device. The list of recipes in the app is constantly growing, and you can get new recipes for free through the site.

      • Prepare meals according to your own recipes. The REDMOND RMC-IH450 WIFI multicooker allows you to create your own recipes using the mobile app. Select your favourite ingredients and cooking method and give a command via WIFI – the RMC-IH450 WIFI multicooker will cook to your liking. Now your culinary imagination is not limited by the set of automatic programs of the multicooker, not even by distance! With the REDMOND RMC-IH450 WIFI Multicooker you don’t need to spend long hours in the kitchen or even go into the kitchen to cook your favourite foods – all you need to do is put the required products into the multicooker in advance.

    • Induction heating technology

    The REDMOND RMC-IH450 WIFI multicooker reaches the desired temperature instantly, significantly reducing cooking time, allowing you to preserve the vitamins and nutrients in the food, which are usually destroyed by prolonged heat treatment. Thanks to the reduced cooking time, energy consumption is also reduced, which saves significantly on the budget.

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