REDMOND M90 Multicooker: One button cooking

High technology and futuristic design have seamlessly merged in the latest REDMOND development, the REDMOND RMC-M90 multicooker. Thanks to the MOTouch control panel


Combined with the easy-to-use color LCD display, it’s even easier to control the cooking process: With a light touch of your finger you can start using the multicooker.



The REDMOND M90 has 17 built-in programs that automate almost all aspects of home cooking. Among the possibilities of the multicooker there are both the usual modes for the most popular dishes, and programs calibrated specifically for rare or difficult to cook on the stove.

REDMOND multicooker can steam, stew and roast, as well as soups, side dishes, a variety of drinks, yogurt, boil rice and buckwheat, make pilaf, cottage cheese and even cheese.


  • “BREAD” program combines the proofing and baking phases,
  • “Warming”- recreates the “American oven effect”,
  • “PIZZA” is specially designed for proper baking of the pizza base and preparation of toppings, the program allows you to manually set the cooking time in 5 minute increments,
  • “Desserts” is recommended for making fruit and berry jams, jams, marmalades, chocolate fondants and some desserts with milk or cream. Manual time setting is possible in the range from 5 minutes to 4 hours


  • The “MULTI-PREPAR” program has an extended temperature range of 35 to 170°C and a time range of 5 minutes to 12 hours. You can choose from 28 manual settings.

The MULTIPOVAR is designed to adapt any recipe – from cookbooks or the internet – for fully automatic cooking in your multicooker. The MULTIPOVATOR allows you to cook with sous-vide cooking methods and to create the most favorable conditions for proofing yeast dough, proper preparation of fondue and pasteurizing foods.

  • The M90 has an auto-heat function with a pre-switch off function. You can stop the auto-heat function at program start or at any time during operation. If the technology of cooking does not provide for the need to maintain its temperature, auto-heating will not be available. For example, if yoghurt is cooked at a considerably lower temperature than the programmed reheat temperature, this function will not be enabled in the YOGURT program.

For moms

The cookbook that comes with the multicooker devotes a separate section to dishes that can be given to children from the beginning of complementary feeding until they reach preschool age.

In addition, the REDMOND M90 multicooker is suitable for steam or autoclave sterilization – this option is most relevant for the treatment of baby bottles, cutlery, nipples.



The 5-liter bowl has a ceramic ANATO non-stick coating® Korea allows you to cook with minimum oil or no oil at all for some dishes.

The pan coating has excellent thermal conductivity and is very easy to care for – the pan can be cleaned both manually and in the dishwasher.

The bowl is equipped with heat-resistant plastic handles, so that now it is even more convenient and safer to take the hot container out of the multicooker.


The REDMOND M90 features 3D-heating technology, i.e. the lower, side and upper heating elements work simultaneously.

Recipes for the REDMOND M90 multicooker can be found

In the illustrated recipe book

, which comes with every appliance. The book contains

200 recipes

, Developed and tested by the REDMOND cooking team on the M90.

Recipes are also available

In the “Cooking with REDMOND” mobile app



One compact multicooker REDMOND M90 can replace the oven, slow cooker, yogurt maker, bread maker and steamer, which will save the family the cost of buying appliances and will not clutter the kitchen with numerous equipment.

Using the multicooker will also reduce your electricity costs – the REDMOND M90 consumes minimal energy and only does so during cooking.


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