Philips 55PFL8008s/60 TV review

Elegant and yet strictly functional. Every detail has been thought out. Black stainless steel front panel with glossy monolithic surface. And the super slim frame gives a sleek look to the whole design.


Brand: Netherlands

Manufacturer: Hungary

Average price: 84 000 Dollars

Design Features

16:9 aspect ratio, 55″ 140 cm diagonal, 1920 x 1080 resolution, supports 3D and HDTV Full HD 1080p , supported formats – MP3, WMA, MPEG4, MKV, WMV, H.264, DivX, XvD, JPEG. 2D to 3D conversion. 30W sound power 2 x 15W , Ci\PCMCIA slot. Interfaces: Inputs – AV, Audio x 2, Component, SCART, HDMI x 4, USB x 3, VGA, Ethernet RJ-45 , Wi-Fi b\in . The output is optical. Headphone jack.


Technology features

Perfect Pixel HD picture enhancement technology. 3D Max technology for better 3D Full HD picture. Branded 3-way backlighting Ambilight XL. 1400 Hz refresh rate.



Perfect Pixel HD delivers crisp, clear, flicker-free images. Each pixel of the image is processed in such a way as to fit the neighboring pixels. The result is a unique combination of features: sharpness, natural details, vivid colors, excellent contrast, and smoothness in dynamic scenes.

Ambilight XL 3 way backlighting. A three-way loop of light is projected onto the wall behind the TV, making the screen appear larger. The color of the backlight automatically changes to match the image on the screen

Built-in Skype and camera lets you make video calls. Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to quickly connect to your home network without unnecessary wires and enjoy Internet content. Your TV comes preloaded with all the SMART TV apps. You can control the panel with the remote control, as well as with your smartphone or tablet.


The TV is equipped with an unusual double-sided remote control with a pointer. On one side of the remote control has the familiar buttons. To switch to wand mode, just press and hold the OK button and you can use the wand as a mouse. Turning it upside down, you can turn it into a full-size keyboard for typing. Gyroscopic sensors block the unused side of the remote. The menu is made as on a tablet or smartphone with icons, so there are no questions. Navigation as on any mobile device.

Picture quality

Active 3D technology made it possible to get a high quality picture. This technology allows you to change the 3D depth and provide unrivaled realism and contrast in 3D. In normal mode, the TV shows a very high-quality, good-quality picture, and the proprietary backlighting contributes to an immersion in the action taking place on the screen. Full cinema-like experience.

Video technology


Although the panel has only two speakers for 15 watts, the sound is not bad, the room of average size will sound. For larger rooms you need a remote speaker. A helpful feature is Clear Sound, which lets you change the volume of dialogues without affecting the main background. Incredible Surround Surround sound processor and Pure Bass create deep, immersive 3D sound

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