Mini review of the PHILIPS HD3095 Multicooker

Brands: innovative bowl, dual heating element, interesting rice cooking mode with soaking, easy to navigate, optimal power, removable inner lid.

Disadvantages: The cord is too short.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Innovative Bowl with Nanoceramic Coating

The main feature of this new multicooker is an innovative pan with nanoceramic coating and 6 mm thick walls. Thanks to it and to a special design of the heating element, volumetric heating is ensured and the food is cooked like in an oven without stirring: the liquid circulates freely in a 4 liter bowl. Its five-layer construction holds heat for longer and shorter cooking times. Each of the bowl’s five layers performs a specific task: non-stick, long life, heat retention, heat transfer, easy cleaning.


The nanoceramic coating on the inside is highly resistant to damage and scratches and guarantees easy cleaning: the smooth surface prevents food from sticking and pre-cooked food from smelling. Removable lid also facilitates cleaning: it can be removed and washed.

Bowl and heating element are designed to cook faster: the patented double-heating system distributes the heat evenly on all sides, the energy ring system at the bottom of the bowl stores, stores and distributes the heat.


Among the 10 automatic cooking modes, the manufacturer especially emphasizes the Oven mode, which guarantees perfect baking and airiness of the baked products, as if they were cooked in an oven.

Cooking temperature is automatically maintained for up to 12 hours, but heating can be switched off if desired. Function of delayed start up to 24 hours allows you to set the time after which the cooking will start.

Easy to use: large touch screen display and intuitive menu navigation make this multicooker a must-have for people of any age. Attention to detail: For example, the inner container has handles that make it easy to remove the bowl and the device can be placed vertically for drying or storage or… hung up.

Small appliances for kitchen
Small appliances for the kitchen
Small appliances for the kitchen

Main features.

POWER: max. 860 Watt.

CONSTRUCTIVE FEATURES: 5-layer aluminum bowl with innovative nano-ceramic coating and 6 mm thick bottom and walls, special heating plate with two heating elements, energy ring system in the bottom of the bowl, removable inner lid, steel body, 1 m cord length. Possibility to suspend and set the multicooker in vertical position.

CONTROL: microprocessor control. Touch key display, intuitive full-American menu navigation, automatic heating for up to 12 hours, delayed cooking for up to 24 hours, energy-saving in the event of a power failure.

PROGRAMS: Rice Pilaf, Yoghurt, Porridge, Oven, Steaming, Roasting, Stewing, Warming, Your Choice temperature controllable , Rice Soaking, Warming.

INSTALLATION: 4 L Bowl of multicooker, steamer, measuring cup,


dimensions: 400x297x238 mm.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


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