Panasonic NA-140VG3WRU front-loading washing machine review


FEATURES: unique design, economical, inverter control, big load.

Disadvantages: the collection does not have a dryer.


LOADING: 10kg.


PROGRAMS: cotton, cotton plus, synthetics, mixed, coloured linen, blankets, shirts, baby linen, delicate washing, silk/dyed linen, wool, sportswear, express 15, fast 50, cold wash, memory.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Preliminary, intensive, eco-function, extra rinse, easy ironing, delayed start 1-24 h .

RINSE: Class B, 1400 rpm.

ECONOMICITY: class A +++ A-50% , electricity consumption 0,95 kw/h 10 kg load , water 6,3 l/kg.

CONTROL: electronic, LED-display, rotary programs control, button select temperature, spin speed, options, timer, indication of program stages, options, memory.

AUTOMATICS: ECONAVI technology, Perfect Sense automatic loading sensor, imbalance control, self-diagnostics, error indication.

SAFETY: Aqua Protection leakage protection, child lock.

CONSTRUCTION: Inverter control, innovative washing system 3D Sensor Wash, technology for additional water supply Hydro Active + drum style Sazanami, catenary case design, triple shock absorber system, the diameter of the hatch 34 cm.

FITTINGS: 596x625x845 mm.

WEIGHT: 74 Kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


The washing machine combines a number of interesting developments of the company, which not only improve the quality of washing, but also allow to achieve very high savings. Up to 50% less resource consumption than a Class A machine – something that is still relatively rare. The quality of washing and rinsing is affected by the new Hydro Active system+. Water is sprayed into the drum at high pressure in thin, hard jets which penetrate the laundry and effectively remove dirt. This “hard shower” strengthens the washing power of detergent and speeds up the rinse.

3D-sensor monitors the laundry during the wash cycle and sends the information to the motor controller, which controls the drum rotation speed. This prevents unbalanced loading and twisting of laundry, creating a three-dimensional washing effect with optimal agitation. Here are a couple of examples of how it works. Heavy clothes tend to clump together, which when the drum rotates, it’s hard to lift. The system notices this and increases the spinning speed so things rise and fall properly inside the drum. Centrifugal force presses lightweight things to the walls of the drum. The 3D Sensor Wash responds by reducing the spin speed when the laundry is at its highest position, thereby making it easier for it to fall. As a result, the laundry is released and stirred intensively.


The machine is equipped with a full range of programs, including washing wool and other demanding fabrics. Specialized cycles are designed for taking care of baby’s clothes, large items such as blankets and quilts, shirts, sportswear.


With large informative display, big buttons and regulator. There is a timer for putting off the beginning of the program to a more convenient time.

36 990 Dollars.

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