Review of the Atlant CMA 50U87 front loading washing machine

Advantages: bigger load, full set of programs, convenient operation, protection against power surges.

Weaknesses: This deep wringing machine does not have high spin speed.

Technical Features


Washing: class A.

PROGRAMS: cotton, wool, synthetics, delicates, delicates hand wash, express, combi, sportswear, sports shoes, stain removal, intensive.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Pre-soak, soak, light ironing, night mode, extra rinse, 24 hour timer.

RPM: 800 RPM.

ECONOMY: class A, power consumption 0.95 kWh/cycle, water consumption 45L 60°C cotton per kg of laundry: 0.19 kWh and 9L.

OPERATION: segment display, rotary programs control, temperature selection buttons, spin speed, options, timer, LED indication of the program stage, options on.

AUTOMATICS: load optimization, foam level control, self-diagnostics.

SAFETY: residual water removal system, overvoltage protection 170-255 V, lock the door from closing.

CONSTRUCTION: polypropylene tank, 40 litre drum, stainless steel heater, 180º opening angle, 30 cm diameter door.

FITTINGS: 596x421x846 mm.

WEIGHT: 64 Kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.


The machine belongs to the narrow class with a depth of only 42 cm and a load capacity of 5 kg.

The tank is made of modern composite material – polypropylene, which not only reduces the cost of the machine, but also keeps the temperature of the water heated in the process of washing better, has excellent indicators of durability.

Safety system includes protection against power surges, also interesting is the presence of the door lock to prevent accidental activation of the washing machine.

Night mode ensures almost silent operation: the sound alarm goes off, spin speed is reduced.


Washing programs are designed to care for all types of items and fabrics. The washing program for the main wash, cotton, allows temperatures up to 90°C. Synthetic items are washed in water heated to 60 ° C. Program Combi is designed for mixed loads, it has an average, heating up to 40 ° C. The stain-removal programme allows the powder and bleach enzymes to work intensively and there is also a specific drum spinning mechanics. Articles requiring special treatment are washed in the programs for delicate items – there are two of them, the second imitates hand washing. A special mode for items made of natural wool ensures low mechanical impact at a low water level and its low heat.

The machine has two prewash cycles: a mini laundry to remove sand, dirt and a soak cycle to wash stubborn and persistent dirt.


Is made with a rotary knob and a large segment display. It shows the washing parameters, the progress of the program and the time until the end of the program. Programme settings – temperature selection, spin speed reduction, as well as activation of options are controlled by the buttons, all of them have LEDs with nice green backlight. The appliance is equipped with a modern timer which can be used to postpone the start or end of a program from one hour to one day as required.

9190 Dollars.

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