Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ45/DMC-FZ100 compact cameras: sad photographers, owners of expensive DSLRs, will only envy their speed

FZ-series models don’t belong to the premium segment, so they cost less than the Lumix LX5, although they are ahead of it, it seems, in every possible way. It’s complicated logic, you can’t figure it out at a glance. In short: If you want a real photographic tool for a photographer you can write it with a capital “F” all three times then you have to go for the LX5 if spirit and style are not so important to you as absolute universality, functionality and unlimited usability, then pay attention to the FZ100 and FZ45 ultrazooms.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 compact camera

14.1 MP 25-600 mm 24 x 3″ $630

The FZ100 is the new champion of compact sports cameras. The device is equipped with an impressive lens with 24x optical zoom in the range of 25-600 mm with decent aperture ratio from 2.8/5.2 at short/long end of focal lengths , proprietary “supersonic” autofocus system and the latest 14-megapixel fast MOS-matrix, easily giving 11 full-size frames per second using mechanical shutter or 60 fps at 3.5 million resolution. pixels.

For comparison, professional reporter Canon EOS 1 D Mark IV price 150 thousand. The FZ shoots only 10 fps, the even more expensive Nikon D3 s shoots 9 fps. Reportage, sports, wildlife – all these scenes FZ100 on teeth, sad photographers owners of expensive DSLRs only envy such rapidity.

To be expected, the camera also records Full HD video at a maximum format of 1920×1080 60 i in AVCHD MPEG-4 with H.264 . By reducing the size of the picture to 1280×720 pixels you can already get 60 frames per second, finally, in high-speed mode the device increases the frequency to 220 frames with a resolution of a quarter of VGA – that is, it allows you to shoot events that are not distinguishable to the human eye, though with the same indistinguishable detail.

The technical equipment in this camera in general is very good. In addition to all of the above, the camera has a 460K pivoting 460K tilting LCD. points at a diagonal of 3 inches. The lithium battery lasts him more than 400 shots, in the “shoe” on the top panel are installed external blitzes. The FZ100 is similar to system cameras in terms of accessories: in addition to a flash, you can buy an external microphone, shutter release, and a set of optical filters, adapters, and converters.

No less wide possibilities for controlling shooting and “creative” approach to photography. For the experienced, all possible manual settings, auxiliary automatic functions, filters and various effects are provided.

On newcomers, although they are hardly the target audience FZ100, will take care of intelligent auto mode iA, capable of without involving the user to determine all the necessary data for optimal settings.

The smaller FZ45 is not much different internally and externally from the FZ100, but lacks the speed performance, high definition display and its flip-up swivel mechanism. The FZ45’s 3-inch screen has the usual 230k resolution. points.

The speed in continuous mode is only 1.8 frames per second. Accordingly, the video mode is limited to standard 720p at 30 frames per second in AVCHD Lite or Motion JPEG formats.

That is just a universal ultrazoom, with handy manual controls for creative work as well as advanced automatic modes, without much achievement in the field of video or reportage photography. For that, one of the most powerful cameras on the market will also be $150-200 cheaper than the Lumix FZ100.

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