Overview of the BEST Plana kitchen air cleaner

The front consists of three panels, each with a different tilt angle, making it look like a curved wing. Center panel is made of perforated stainless steel.


Extractor hoodBest Plana


PERFORMANCE: 900 m³/h.

MODES: Divert, recirculation.

PURPOSE: up to 28 m² with 2.7 m ceiling height and up to 75 m³ volume .

noise level: 48-67dB 1-4 speed .

POWER: 250W.

CONTROL: Touch, Touch Control, 4 speed, timer, indication of operation, speed, filter pollution.

LIGHTING: LED, 2 x 2.5 W.

DIMENSIONS: 800x341x950-1240 mm.

FRONT: glass black/white, stainless steel.

AIR AIR DOOR: 150 mm.

FEATURES: Perimeter suction, tilted structure, perforated insert.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

PRICE: 27 600 Dollars.


80 cm wide, angled hood. 4 speeds, timer, contamination indicator in drain mode: a decorative cover is placed on the chimney. The front of the hood is made of glass and available in two colors: white and black. The front consists of three panels, each panel has its own angle of inclination due to which it looks like a curved wing. Center panel is made of perforated stainless steel.


The hood works using a perimeter suction system. The air from the cooker hob is directed to the center of the front and then redirected to the slot on the perimeter. After passing through a narrow space inside the appliance, the air is naturally accelerated. This improves the efficiency of the appliance, reduces the load on the motor and decreases the noise level. The hood motor has four settings to switch the appliance on in the desired mode. LED elements are used for lighting the hob. They consume only 2.5 watts each and have a service life of up to 40,000 hours.


The control system is touch-controlled, Touch Control. Each speed has its own button. When you activate the speed button lights up and acts as an indicator.

A timer allows you to postpone the switch-off for removing the air contaminations after the cooking is finished and when the kitchen is empty.

A contamination indicator on the filter reminds you to wash the aluminium cassette or, in the recirculation mode, to change the charcoal filter.

Design, 4 speed, timer, filter contamination indication.

Looks better on a free wall.

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