Overview of the kitchen air cleaner Best K181V Black

BEST K 181 V BLACK extractor hood

Wide range of sizes, including compact, low noise level, design.

Large kitchen appliances

Glass requires special care.



PURPOSE: up to 23 m2 with 2.7 m ceiling height and up to 63 m3 volume .

NOISE LEVEL: 29-34-50 dB 1-2-3 speed

POWER: 190 Watt.

CONTROL: electronic, push-button, 3 speed.

LIGHTING: halogen, 2x20W.

SIZES: 600/700/800/900x496x680-1178mm.



The model design is one of the most simple but nevertheless the most desirable: a T-shaped body with a low bottom. Very clear lines, nothing superfluous, ideal for modern interiors. Developers added spice to this appliance by making the control panel of black glass. This glass would work well with a glass-ceramic cooktop and glass oven front. An important plus of the hood is a large choice of dimensions, or rather, the width, including small – 60 and 70 cm. Often, buyers in general, it is difficult to find an interesting device for themselves with these dimensions. Noise levels are also low, especially in the first and most used speed: only 29dB, so you won’t hear it during operation.


The cooker hood has a good productivity, thanks to which it can be installed in the kitchen of the size of about 23 sq. km.m. Versatile model can be used in both exhaust and recirculation modes. Divert mode is preferred and allows to fully exploit the capacity without stressing the motor. In this mode, the air trapped from the cooking table is sucked inside, where it is cleaned with permanent grease filters they do not need to be replaced . Cleaning protects the inside of the device, the motor and the air ducts from greasy deposits, thereby ensuring long trouble-free operation of the unit. The air is then completely discharged into the ventilation shaft.

Recirculation mode is used only if it is impossible to connect the hood to the shaft. It has an additional charcoal filter, you should buy it separately and replace it every two or three months with a new one.


Very simple, push-button selection of the desired operating speed, backlighting on.

14 760 Dollars.

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