Nikon’s entry-level Speedlight SB-300 flash guarantees illumination for photography enthusiasts

Nikon has announced a new entry-level flash, the Speedlight SB-300.

The compact, lightweight and versatile Speedlight SB-300 Portable Flash is the perfect choice for budding photographers who want to go beyond the limitations of the camera’s built-in flash and get more creative with lighting. This flash is compatible with Nikon digital SLR cameras and the COOLPIX line of compact cameras, which are equipped with an accessory shoe. It allows you to control the quality and direction of light, so you get brighter images.

Nikon Speedlight SB-300 Flash

The SB-300 is incredibly easy to use, even for first-time photographers. If you’re taking your first steps into photography, it’s the perfect way to develop your creative vision. It can be used easily to give extra brightness to images, capture details of subjects even when shooting in difficult backlit conditions, or soften light by bouncing the flash off the ceiling.

Zurab Kiknadze, manager of lenses, accessories and software at Nikon Europe, says: “Nikon flashes have much more to offer than just highlighting subjects in low-light conditions. The new SB-300 is a great chance for aspiring photographers to learn more about flash photography. Control your light easily, even in the most difficult conditions.”

Light control

Photography is the art of creating images with light. The SB-300 makes it easy to learn how to use an external flash and see the difference it makes to your images.

A guide number of 18 m, 100 ISO allows you to illuminate distant subjects even in low-light conditions. The SB-300 can also be used as a fill-in flash to bring out details and soften shadows from ordinary lighting, and to compensate for strong backlighting.

Photo equipment

Wide shooting range

The flash head can be adjusted up to 120°, giving you great versatility when shooting a variety of subjects. Avoid “flat” images by aiming the flash at the ceiling or walls for great indoor portraits.

Support for Nikon’s i-TTL flash control system ensures optimal flash performance in automatic modes. Slow sync, red-eye reduction or other in-camera modes are easily set for balanced images on DSLR cameras.

Ease of use

The SB-300 offers powerful flash output in a compact package that is easy to take on the road. To start shooting with the flash, simply attach it to the camera’s accessory shoe and turn it on. No need to navigate unfamiliar menus. The SB-300 uses two AAA batteries, which are readily available anywhere in the world. So you can use it whenever you want to take a picture, no matter where you are.

The SB-300 comes with a soft pouch.

Key Features

Portable flash: perfect when you want more light or want to make your images more creative. i-TTL compatible. Compatible with Nikon DSLRs and COOLPIX series cameras that have an accessory shoe.

Versatile coverage: a guide number of 18 m, ISO 100 lets you light distant subjects, even in low-light conditions. Directional light: Up to 120° tilt of the flash head allows the light to be directed at the desired angle.

Use the bounce of the flash off the ceiling or walls for creative shots. Easy to use: Just attach the flash to the camera’s accessory shoe and turn it on to start flash photography.

Overheat protection function: Avoids damaging the flash by overheating during intense shooting. AAA batteries: The SB-300 can be used with two AAA batteries anywhere in the world. Firmware can be updated from the camera menu.


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