New Westone W50 five-driver headphones

Company Westone hurries to please the American audiophiles with new professional in-ear headphones Westone W50. This model differs from previous generations of Westone in that it has five drivers.

Audio equipment

One or two drivers are enough for a wide bandwidth of playable frequencies. Three drivers give very high quality sound in the area of low frequencies. Before Westone W50 the maximum number of drivers four was only in Custom models. The new model Westone boasts five drivers per channel. This amplifies the sensitivity of headphones and the highest quality sound over the entire range.

A separate plus series W is the presence of two removable cables: one with remote control and microphone, and a second twisted. Thus, the headphones become relevant for use with a variety of devices: from players and smartphones to professional music equipment.


Westone W50, like other models Westone, has good noise isolation, which along with high sound quality makes it ideal for those who make music professionally. The set has interchangeable earpieces in different colors: red and blue. Model Price 27 890 Dollars

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