The legendary Westone W40 series headphones appeared in America

In December the unique Westone W40 headphones from the legendary W series appeared on the American market. Armature inserts with four drivers per channel will please every lover of flawless and crystal clear sound. Model W40 – the top of the range headphones Westone American company, a representative of the new generation of the legendary Westone 4R.

Audio equipment

W40 is a four driver, armature headphone with four drivers per channel delivering frequencies independently from each other and with a three-way crossover. This design will give the listener professional-level sound with stunning detail and naturalism, and excellent noise isolation will ensure a full immersion in the music.

Westone True-Fit technology guarantees excellent ergonomics and BTE behind-the-ear mounting method is specially designed for reliable fit and comfortable use.

Westone W40 uses a removable cord design. There are two cords in the headphones package: EPIC cable reinforced with aramid fiber for music listening and straight cable with remote control and microphone for using the model as a headset . Also included are 3 pairs of removable panels: black, blue and red as well as a branded Mini Monitor Vault case.

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