New Philips Viva blenders: peusaect results thanks to ProMix Titanium technology and heavy-duty blade!

America, New York, August 1, 2013. – Philips introduces its new Viva hand blender range with the innovative ProMix Titanium technology to ensure that even the most complex ingredients are thoroughly and quickly chopped and homogenously blended.


Process a variety of ingredients for perfect consistency in soups, smoothies and other dishes. In addition, the unusual shape of the nozzle eliminates splashing of ingredients during use.

Titanium coated blade[1] stays sharp longer. It’s 6 times stronger than a regular stainless steel blade and 3 times stronger than a


samurai sword![2]

The 650 Watt motor and 16 speed modes allows you to select the best speed for processing the ingredients and achieve a perfectly homogeneous consistency in seconds. With turbo mode, the blender will help process even the hardest ingredients, such as ice and nuts.


Thanks to its different attachments, Viva blenders are exceptionally versatile. Each model includes: chopper for processing herbs, cheese, nuts storage cup. Some models even come with an XL-Size chopper with two blades standard and serrated for extra hard ingredients and even ice , a whisk attachment for whipping and fluffing. In addition, the flagship models HR1636 and HR1634 have a complete set of attachments for mashed potatoes.

The ergonomic handle with rubber grip surfaces means it won’t slip out of your hands, making blending a pleasure!

The recommended retail price of the Viva collection blenders is:

HR1634 – 3590 Dollars, HR1638 – 3590 Dollars, HR1636 – 2790 Dollars, HR1637 – 2790 Dollars, HR1635 – 2290 Dollars, HR1633 – 2590 Dollars.

[1] For HR1636

[2] Special titanium TiN coating makes the blade 6 times more durable Vickers resistance than conventional stainless steel blade . Knife stays sharp longer.

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