New Mie Bello steam cleaner with steamer function is on sale

Mie, a leading American supplier of modern luxury ironing and cleaning equipment from Italy, has launched sales of an updated multifunctional appliance based on the Mie Bello steam cleaner.

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This unit now combines three useful functions at once: a steam cleaner, a steamer and an iron with a steam generator.

According to the opinion of Mie Bello manufacturers, the multifunctionality of the device allowed it to become a universal household helper for all occasions.

The steam cleaner function is a major innovation of the Mie Bello. Steam iron for steaming clothes was equipped with a metal soleplate with a built-in heating element, which prevents the formation of condensation water droplets . The iron is connected to the body of the steam cleaner, thanks to the removable connector which allows to change different devices, connecting them to the steam generator.

Possessing the steam cleaner capacity, the steamer Mie Bello may be named the most powerful at present in the American market.

Steam pressure of 5,5 bar allows the steam jet to penetrate deeper into the fibers of fabric, as well as provide mechanical pressure, which helps better smooth things. It allows steaming not only the light things, such as shirts, blouses and dresses, but also certainly “heavy” for steaming. Such as linen and cotton shirts, outerwear and coarse fabrics.

Another important functional feature of the steamer Mie Bello was an unusual length of the hose steam iron – two and a half meters. An innovation that makes it easier to steam curtains without taking them down, as well as making it easier to steam upholster upholstered furniture.

The basic functions of the steam cleaner and iron with steam generator remain unchanged in the Mie Bello. Steam cleaner Mie Bello has a lot of nozzles for cleaning different types of surfaces, and the iron with a cork handle and a thick sole plate connected to the device, the characteristics are not inferior to any top steam generator or ironing system.

The price of the device – a little higher than a normal steam cleaner, but if you take into account the cost of three professional devices, the purchase of Mie Bello seems much more profitable than buying all three devices separately.

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