New Philips yogurt makers with steamer function: HD9141 and HD9142

America, New York, July 16, 2013. – The company Philips presents a unique product – a new yogurt machine with steam function models HD9141 and HD9142 , which will allow you to cook a variety of dairy products at home, in which you can be 100% sure of the benefits. With the manual mode, you can steam and cook up to 8 eggs at a time in the special cavities, plus, 6 modes for homemade yogurts, cottage cheese, desserts, milk porridge and steamed dishes!


It is not easy to track the quality of factory yogurt, cottage cheese or kefir that we buy in the store – additives, preservatives and flavorings can negate their useful properties.

The new Philips multicooker not only makes the best yogurt, it also has six yogurt modes:

– Portioned yoghurt in jars

– Yogurt 2L Family Serving

– Thick yogurt base for sauces and creams

– Milk desserts

– Cottage cheese

– Manual mode steam cooking function at 100 °C for cooking vegetables, fish and boiling eggs

The new Philips yoghurt machine preheats 80°C and uses unpasteurized milk to make fresh dairy products, so you can be confident that the milk is healthy and authentic.

The HD9142 comes in an elegant black finish and has an additional splitter bowl for steaming up to 3 dishes at once.

Both HD9141 and HD9142 models come with a unique recipe book, which tells you in detail how to delight yourself and your loved ones with all kinds of dishes every day:

– Portioned yogurt recipes

– Recipes with yogurt for the whole family

– Recipes for thick yogurt

– Desserts from milk and not only

– Recipes based on cottage cheese

– Recipes for manual mode steaming and cereal preparation milk and water

Young mothers will appreciate the selection of recipes for their babies, and the section with recipes for manual mode will advise how to maximize the benefits of this multifunctional device.

Make your daily diet varied with delicious and healthy meals prepared in the new Philips HD9142 and HD9141 yogurt makers.

Philips yogurt makers will be available in September 2013. The recommended retail price will be:

HD9142 – 4990 Dollars.

HD9141 – 4790 Dollars.

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