New Instax era: Fujifilm presents the Instax mini LiPlay

Fujifilm announces the launch of a new model of Instax mini LiPlay instant print cameras. Minimalist design, stylish colors, innovative features, filters, frames, selfie mirror – no limits to creativity!


The Instax mini LiPlay is a hybrid camera with a 28mm f/2 lens.0, which not only allows you to print images instantly on Fujifilm instax mini film, but also saves them to the internal memory or to a MicroSD card. The digital imaging camera is equipped with a 5 megapixel 1/5-inch CMOS sensor, while the internal memory can hold about 45 files, and a 1TB microSD card can record 850.

This feature makes it possible to select photos for printing after shooting, instead of printing them immediately on film. For viewing and easy image selection, the LCD screen on the back of the body is used for framing. The Instax mini LiPlay can also be used as a printer and print photos from your smartphone via Bluetooth. Smartphone also lets you control the camera remotely.

Another feature of the Instax mini LiPlay is the ability to record and play back sound. This way, the memories in the photo cards will be able to speak. It is quite simple – print a photo with a QR-code QR-code color you can choose , focus your smartphone camera on the photo and listen to everything that was happening at that moment. Sound is recorded for approximately 10 seconds after pressing and holding a button




Auto Exposure Control is activated when the shutter release button is pressed It detects the brightness of the space and adjusts the shutter speed and flash intensity to give you great-looking pictures even in a darkened room. Group photos can be taken with a timer, mood photos can be played with filters and pictures can be transformed into masterpieces by 30 bright frames inside the camera.

For convenience, there are three buttons on the side of the camera that can be programmed with your favorite frames so that they are always at hand. The camera’s small size makes it easy to put anywhere, making it perfect for travel. Instax mini LiPlay takes instant photo printing to a new level. Instax is not only the easiest and fastest way to get a printed photo, but also an unusual accessory and high quality film photography.

Price and Affordability

The Instax mini LiPlay will go on sale June 21, 2019. Price of camera for Japanese market is 18900 yen about $175

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