Fujifilm Instax SQ20 Hybrid Snapshot Camera

FUJIFILM Launches Instax SQUARE SQ20 with support for square-size photo paper. Released as an extension of the Instax product line of instant-print cameras, the camera allows users to enjoy instant photo printing. The Instax SQUARE SQ20 has a variety of features, such as a motion mode that makes it easy to print the best shots of a moving subject, as well as features that let you enjoy live photos. Stylish, uncomplicated design allows you to take it everywhere, so you’ll never miss a precious moment.

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The Instax SQUARE SQ20 offers a wide range of functions that make both shooting and printing enjoyable. In addition to shooting in normal mode, a new feature called “Motion Mode” lets you shoot video 15 seconds maximum , use the control dial on the back of the camera and easily print out photos of moving objects – something that was difficult to do before.

With Time Shift Collage, just one press of the shutter button lets you take a burst of 4 photos in time-lapse bursts. It allows you to enjoy a new shooting experience by creating collages of 4 images taken at regular intervals. Take dynamic and “fabulous” photos by adding various filters to the image with the special “Sequence” filter.

Compact Cameras

This camera is the first in the Instax series to feature a zoom function before shooting. A “selfie” mirror next to the lens helps control the shooting area. Hybrid Instant Snapshot Camera with digital sensor and image processing technology that lets you select your favorite images before printing and edit them with a variety of filters. The advantages of a hybrid camera for snapshots provide a wide range of options for the photographer’s ideas, even with the same image.

The Instax SQUARE SQ20 comes in two colors – matte black to match any occasion or style, and beige that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look. The water ripple design of the lens ring and surrounds is not only comfortable to hold, but also contributes to the modern design trend.

Since 1998, the Instax line of cameras has been used around the world and especially appeals to younger users. Total shipments exceed 30 million worldwide. Fujifilm will continue to produce and distribute Instax instant photo systems, enabling people all over the world to “enjoy instant photo printing.

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