New fi series scanners help companies reach the professional level

New York, September 2, 2015. – PFU EMEA Ltd., Fujitsu subsidiary is introducing two new fi-series document scanners with scanning speeds of up to 40 pages per minute A4, color, 200/300 dpi 80 pages per minute in duplex mode : Fujitsu fi-7140 and fi-7240 with optional flatbed. Combining professional quality scanning with the compactness of desktop devices, these models are ideal for a wide variety of business processes.

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Fujitsu fi-7140 and fi-7240 scan 40 pages per minute

  • Advanced GI processor for professional image scanning
  • Unique mechanisms of paper alignment and protection
  • Performing multiple in-house scanning tasks
  • Integration with the fi series device ecosystem provides investment protection and offers ways to further

    equipment upgrades

These cost-effective scanners feature advanced features for reliable document scanning: a GI processor, automatic mechanical alignment and intelligent paper protection, and an ultrasonic multiple feed sensor. They handle paper with the utmost care and produce the highest quality images for any business purpose. Like the entire Fujitsu fi line, the fi-7140/7240 models are equipped with PaperStream software for high-quality image processing and advanced sequential scanning.

Computers and peripherals

Fujitsu fi-7140

Fujitsu General

Fujitsu fi-7240

“The new fi series models are a true cutting-edge solution that can be installed on any desktop. It’s a solution for companies that demand only the best for their document workflow processes,” says Mike Nelson, vice president of Fujitsu PFU EMEA Ltd. subsidiary. – Their scanning quality will help both small and large businesses automate the scanning process in their workflows and achieve the flexibility and speed required in today’s marketplace.”.

“The arrival of the Fujitsu fi-7140 and fi-7240 on the market is an important step towards professional scanning with the Fujitsu fi,

– Says Klaus Schulz, EMEA Marketing Manager at PFU EMEA Ltd. –

New models give companies the flexibility to create and develop document management, storage, and archiving systems.”.

GI processor and advanced paper protection systems

The Fujitsu fi-7140/fi-7240 scanners are equipped with the reliable document feeding systems familiar to users from the fi-7000 series, operating at up to 40 pages per minute.

  • GI processor.Powerful image processor and automatic correction algorithm guarantee high quality scanning of any document to JPG, PDF including searchable PDF , as well as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint editable files.
  • Paper levelling mechanism.The fi-7140/fi-7240 paper feed mechanism automatically picks up documents from the stack one at a time, preventing misaligned sheets and making it easier to run sheets through the scanner. A paper straightening mechanism also works with stacks of documents of different sizes to ensure that the image is not skewed.
  • Paper protection.The new scanners support a wide range of paper weights from 27 g/m2 to 413 g/m2 in the same stack, as well as plastic cards. What’s more, a paper protection function monitors document movement and stops feeding when an anomaly is detected, ensuring maximum safety for valuable or fragile originals. Ultrasonic sensor monitors the accidental feeding of multiple sheets at the same time to avoid losing important information when scanning.

PaperStream software for better image quality

PaperStream software is responsible for high quality scanned images. It processes digitized data using optical character recognition OCR systems and synchronizes with popular scanning applications over TWAIN or ISIS interfaces. The PaperStream Capture app allows users to fine-tune the flow of documentation including batches of documents at every stage. Once a batch of documents has been scanned, the user can check the integrity of the data, reorder pages, merge them into a single file, index and upload to a local or remote server, start a workflow or ECM system immediately upon completion or after an interrupted operation is continued.

Fujitsu fi-7140 and fi-7240 scanners will be available from Fujitsu channel partners starting in X 2015. Recommended retail price: $959 $899 &euro, 649 &pound without VAT for fi-7140 and $1,599 $1,499 &euro, 1099 &pound without VAT for fi-7240.

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