NEW el’master from element – meat grinder and juicer in one device!

The innovative company element Switzerland-America presents a product, which combines the functions of two devices – a meat grinder and auger juicer. The result of their unity is a unique versatility that has earned this appliance the name el’master – master of culinary kung fu. Meet 9 functions in one appliance!


By incorporating the best features of different cooking techniques, el’master has developed its own unique style. Combining the art of meat processing and juicing is based on the use of one body with a motor, but two different working chambers. Depending on your needs, the right one is installed on the body: from a meat grinder or a juicer.

Meat Grinder. In this incarnation, el’master delicately but confidently, like a true guru, turns any meat into the perfect mince. The core of this culinary technique is an auger made of durable polymer material PMMA . It stoically withstands labor and Spartan loads it is shockproof and has a number of advantages over metal augers: it does not oxidize, it does not corrode, does not absorb odors and is resistant to detergents. The core of the auger is made of metal, which ensures its reliable connection with the knife and motor.

The enlarged slot at the base of the auger literally grabs each piece like long-awaited prey, and the placement of the 13 edges of the auger is carefully aligned to efficiently move meat through the large transparent chamber, in which meat disappears as if in a whirlpool. Tapered guide also corrects the route of ingredients falling into the mincer. All this makes the pusher almost superfluous, except for crushing the ice.

How to process food

After gripping the meat and passing it through the cooking chamber, el’master’s samurai equipment comes into play – a sickle-shaped knife with an enlarged cutting surface. The knife and its companion – the sharpened grid – are made of hardened stainless steel and masterfully cope even with tough tough tough tough meat, not squeezing, but precisely cutting it. This is ensured by the fact that the hole pattern of the grill is precisely matched to the knife blades. In addition, these self-sharpening parts don’t have to worry about frequent use, since for them each training session is just another opportunity to hone their skills.

When you’re not busy making stuffing, the culinary samurai will be happy to give you a master class in making homemade pasta and noodles. To this end the appliance is equipped with two plastic gratings in addition to the edged weapons.

The design of the juicer is aimed at maximum convenience and safety. Large upper basket gives you freedom of movement and protects the body against dirt. High neck prevents your fingers from getting caught in the working mechanism and the lid nut that locks the strainer has ribs for easy screwing and unscrewing.

The el′master’s second nature is the juicer. For juicing it has a separate working chamber, an auger and two filters for different types of fruits. The first blow comes from the auger which has been trained for the special requirements of fruit processing. World’s first CeramicPro+ auger with a unique shape with 17 facets. Thanks to their precise positioning, the el′master manages to grab food with practically no force, like a professional wrestler whose winning strategy depends on technique rather than strength.

Food processing

CeramicPro+ auger material makes it a real all-rounder: ceramic does not oxidize food and does not absorb odors, it does not stain and is impact resistant. The auger is easy to clean, environmentally friendly and bacteria-free.

The auger is connected to the motor through a metal core, which increases the reliability and efficiency of the device. The low rotational speed of the auger allows a gentle cold extraction that retains up to 68% of the useful enzymes, minerals and vitamins, while centrifugal juicers only retain about 17%.

The working chamber of the juicer is large and transparent, just like a mincer. Unlike the latter, this chamber is completed with a silicone gasket for increased tightness. It also has a wider trough of 16cm2 to be able to process larger sized segments of fruits and vegetables. For the juice and cake outlet have two holes. The cake comes out automatically and the silicone seal in the opening ensures that it is evenly and smoothly removed. Ready juice falls into a large 800 ml. glass with a spout that allows you to gently pour the drink, and a separator to separate the foam.


el′master has an individual approach to different types of fruits and vegetables. There is a separate filter for hard fruits and herbs that allows to get a clear juice, practically without pulp. Another filter, with a grid, is better suited for soft fruits and berries. This strainer allows some pulp to pass through so that the resulting juice can also be used as an ingredient for other recipes, such as smoothies, ice cream or jam.

Regardless of how you view el-Master as a mincer or a juicer, it runs on a single source – a DC motor by MegaMotor with only 170 watts of power. Thanks to this motor it works fast and efficiently but is quiet and economical. Low-speed motor delivers less wear and tear and a five-year warranty on the motor. Low speed 75 rpm enables smooth advancing of meat or fruit in the cooking cabinet. The result is exactly minced meat not mashed meat or cold-pressed juice.

Something el’master has taken from ninja techniques – the ability to work in a spy-like quiet way. Noise level of appliance is only 65 dB, which is barely louder than a quiet conversation. So you can cook at any time of the day or night without disturbing your family.

Practicing zen made el-Master unpretentious in choice of cord: the universal plug even allows you to use a computer cord to connect to the power grid. Rubber feet provide firm support for the device.


Proper protection is an important skill for any craftsman, including the culinary. The el’master’s safety is monitored by sensors that react to a critical increase in resistance and therefore in power. Sensors shut off in case of overload. In addition, a separate overload protection system prevents the appliance from working continuously for more than 20 minutes. Additional durability is provided by soft start, which extends the life of the device and all its parts.

el’master kimono is designed in silver and black colors and is made of metal and plastic. Robust power in a compact, ergonomic housing that won’t take up much space but will go far beyond being a mere culinary partner.

The el` master guru of culinary art perfectly copes with preparation of minced meat and juices. These two features make it a multifunctional machine 9 functions in one device , able to offer a wide range of dishes, including soups and sauces, homemade pasta and noodles, jams and jams, smoothies and smoothies, sorbets and ice cream. Instructions for preparing these delicacies are in the original recipe book, which comes with the appliance. Welcome to a virtuoso performance from the culinary el’master!

Technical features

2 devices in one: meat grinder + auger juicer cold-pressing

9 functions in one device

Mincer screw made of durable plastic PMMA

Sickle-shaped cutter blade with enlarged cutting surface and grid

2 plastic grates

Ceramic screw juicer CeramicPro+

Cold spin

Separate juicing chamber

Filters for different types of fruits

Reliable MegaMotor DC motor of only 170 watts

Quiet operation


Modern design

Ergonomic body

Ease of use

Branded book of recipes

Smooth start

Reversing System

Noise level: 65 dB(A

Speed of rotation: 75 rpm

Max. Continuous running time: 20 minutes

Power 170W

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