Minimum for culinary excellence: Check the meat grinder, blender and juicer VVK

After watching a video on making sausages, I no longer want them forever. Reading the ingredients on supermarket labels also doesn’t whet your appetite: additives, thickeners, flavor enhancers, incomprehensible fats and nitrates. On TV they scare: these are harmful and these are fakes. And you have to eat and feed your nearest and dearest. Tasty, healthy and fast.


BBK MG2006 electric meat grinder




600 Watt power consumption,

maximum 2000 W.


1.5 kg of meat per minute.

Continuous working time – 5 min.


Mode switch – on the front of the body

the clip button on the multi-food grinder is on the top of the body.

DOP. OPPORTUNITIESoverload protection, reverse.

3 different diameter perforated discs,

Sausage and kebbe nozzles,

recipe book.

Storage compartment for accessories.

GABARITS/MASS174h282h234 mm/3.95 kg.


This mincer has everything you need for preparing all kinds of meat dishes. Three perforated grids allow to obtain minced meat of different consistency. For best results, experts recommend first grinding the meat, using a grid with large holes, and then scroll the mince a second time, setting the grid with small holes. Even tough meat is turned into tender mince with this technique.

Reverse function helps in case you get a hard bone or a tough vein. In this case, the “reverse” is included, and you can easily remove the excess and continue working. But resort to this function should be very rare, because the power of the mincer is enough to process even very sophisticated meat.

In addition to making simple mincemeat, this meat grinder can, with your minimal involvement, make delicious homemade sausages that will successfully replace all the store-bought semi-finished products of dubious quality on your table. Best of all, it doesn’t take you more than half an hour.

Meat Grinders

There are two steps to take.

First the mincer makes the mince. You add spices to it, stir. The main thing is that you can be sure of the quality of every ingredient and that there are no additives or flavor enhancers!

Then you change the attachment on the mincer to a “sausage” one, put a natural casing on it you can buy a jar of such casing in some stores or at markets . In the latter case, you’ll have to spend some time preparing a casing to make sausage .

Switch on the multi-food grinder and form sausages to your required size. You will quickly learn and can’t imagine how you used to be satisfied with store-bought products.

A little less common in our country is the preparation of kebbe – a dish of Asian cuisine, in which a shell is made of minced meat, and the stuffing can be vegetables, mushrooms and even the same minced meat. It sounds quite time consuming, but actually using a meat grinder allows you to form a kebbe very quickly, and only you and the meat grinder will know how easy it really is.

Beverage Technique

Ease of use

The assembly and disassembly of the multi-food grinder will not take much time or effort. Thanks to the wide notches on the fixing ring, it can be easily unscrewed even by a woman’s delicate hand without damaging her manicure. To remove the multi-food grinder unit you push the button and turn it anti-clockwise, everything is designed to be easy and safe. There is a special compartment for storing your accessories so that everything is always at hand.

Truly kind and beloved

The season of vegetables, fruits and berries is coming. You can’t do without a juicer, especially one for which it’s not a problem to make a couple of glasses and process the harvest from a large apple tree.

The most popular in recent years have become centrifugal juicers with a wide feeder for a whole apple or orange. In this case it takes almost no time to prepare the products, because there is no need to cut them into parts, you just wash them – and in just a few seconds the juice will be ready.

There are four models of centrifugal juicers with wide feeding chute in BBK assortment.

Technique for drinks

BBK JC100-H05 centrifugal juicer


1200 watt.


Juicing fruits and vegetables.

Loading whole fruits and vegetables, the diameter of the loading hatch is 85 mm.


Smooth motor start,

overload protection,

automatic shutdown in case of overheating.

CONTROL Display, LED light, gear selector switch.

stainless steel body and centrifuge,

removable pulp tank,

pour spout with anti-drip system,

Protection against overheating, rubber feet


The diameter of the hopper is one of the biggest on the market, at 8,5 cm. That means you don’t even have to chop a big apple or beet, and even carrots and oranges fit in there without any problem.

The main feature of this juicer is the possibility to select one of five pressing speeds, which allows you to select the optimal mode for juicing of any product. The softer it is, the slower the juice should be squeezed, the harder – the faster.

Modern control makes the juicer especially convenient to use: when you turn the knob on the LCD display shows the speed and type of products.

Beverage equipment

Speed 1 is for soft fruits and vegetables plums, lemons, grapes, cucumbers, etc. .It has 3 speeds for pineapples, 4 speeds for apples, pumpkins and 5 speeds for citrus fruits and vegetables carrots, celery, etc. .

This juicer makes it easy to prepare mixed juices with different products because the optimum speed is set simply by turning the knob. Smooth motor start avoids juice loss during the first seconds of operation.

The juicer is also suitable for countrymen, because it can be used to process huge amounts of apples and make juice for winter. You don’t have to cut each apple into four pieces, so you can handle your harvest in a playful way without wasting time. Removable pulp container, can be quickly cleaned and put back in place.

One for all

An immersion blender in the kitchen is like a second pair of hands. Home and cottage, it is indispensable for a variety of dishes. The pancake batter is ready in five minutes with the whisk. It can also be used to whip egg whites into a heavy cream. The main nozzle enables you to turn soup into soup in seconds directly on the plate or in the pot.

Currants and sugar in five minutes are crushed into a delicious dessert that makes eating hot pancakes a breeze. The blender can whip up complicated sauces like Pesto, Caesar and Guacamole in minutes.

Overall quality and speed guaranteed.

BBK offers five models with different design of the main nozzle and a complete set.


Immersion blender VVK KVN0908

POWER850 Watt.

10 continuously controlled speeds,

turbo mode,



on/off button,

Speed regulator on the handle,

LED light.


metal whisk,

measuring cup 0,6 l,

mini grinder 0,5 l,

storage rack.

FEATURESStainless steel nozzle and blades.
DIMENSIONS250x283x186 mm.

This blender has everything you need for a multitude of cooking tasks in a seemingly simple package. It chops, whips, mixes. Two additional containers turn it into a small food processor that can prepare a multitude of dishes at any time.

The blender fits comfortably in your hand, it is not heavy, but at the same time it is powerful and fast enough.

Smooth regulation of speed allows to correct it and choose the right speed directly during the cooking. You always have control and can stop the process at any second.

Nozzles and knives are made of high quality stainless steel, they are reliable and durable. The accessories are placed on a special holder.


Again we’re cooking more ourselves, some because of the high cost of food, some because we want to eat healthier. And very timely company BBK, known for its inexpensive and high-quality electronics, began to sell in America kitchen appliances, facilitating a household housewives. After all, the price is important, and students, young mothers and experienced housewives can also buy a BBK helper. You can also take BBK appliances to your country house to cook with pleasure in the summer out of town.

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