More than just a new tool: The world’s first two-handed cordless angle grinder – Metabo is the pioneer of a new generation of electric tools

The world’s first 230 mm Metabo angle grinder gives you a maximum of freedom: its powerful LiHD cordless powerpack enables you to do light cutting and roughing work that previously only big cord sized tools could do.

WPB 36 LTX BL 230

– The first 36-volt battery-powered tool with the same performance as a 2-watt angle grinder.400 W. It will be available from September onwards.

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Horst W. Garbrecht. Chairman of the Board at Metabo “With this angle grinder we have put our idea of a cordless construction site and workshop into practice. Our LiHD technology has pushed the limits of cordless power tool performance to such an extreme level that it is now possible to use it for power-hungry tasks with ease. Whether angle grinders, circular saws or other power tools with a power consumption of more than 2 kW.000 W – today we offer professionals a cableless alternative with the same performance as cordless models. The WPB 36 LTX BL 230 is the first member of this new generation of high performance power tools and we are working full steam ahead to bring the tools to the market for other jobs.

The WPB 36 LTX BL 230 pushes the limits of cordless tools even further. Compact design and large diameter of the grinding wheel allow cutting depths up to 77 mm without connection to the mains power supply.

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Powerful, durable and reliable – with a fully encapsulated brushless motor and motor overload protection – for the toughest jobs, even in dusty environments, such as road construction, metal framing, roofing and landscaping. Fast cutting and roughing work and high productivity are guaranteed.

With one battery charge up to 11 strips of steel sheet fencing, more than 75 roof tiles or a ½ metre long cut in 5 cm thick concrete slabs. Pioneering member of a new generation of cordless power tools, this 36-volt tool offers a new level of performance thanks to the unique LiHD cordless technology, introduced by Metabo last year. Its development on the Ultra-M platform puts Metabo at the top of the market. The company offers a 3-year warranty on all its battery packs.

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Maximum safety and convenience

Since most accidents with angle grinders are caused by loss of control, Metabo uses many safety solutions to prevent accidents. The new cordless angle grinder is superbly balanced, has large control elements that allow you to work with gloves on and has ergonomic contact surfaces that ensure you can hold it securely in any situation.

The pivoting main handle between the motor housing and the battery pack provides maximum safety and ease of operation in a variety of positions with the WPB 36 LTX BL 230. To ensure a good hold on the tool, both for cutting and roughing work, the optional MVT Me-tabo VibraTech vibration-reducing handle is available in three different positions. Electronic soft-start system provides jerk-free acceleration and in the event of tool lock-up, an electronic safety switch-off system is triggered to reduce kickback force.

The risk of loss of control of the angle grinder during engagement and if the cutting wheel jams, is thereby minimized. The new tool is also equipped with a safety switch and an electronic brake system with an M14 safety spindle for rapid and reliable shut-off in a dangerous situation. This combination ensures that the tool stops within seconds of releasing the switch, minimizing the risk of injury even if control is lost.

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Red Dot Design Award: Innovative Design Award

The world’s first 36-volt cordless angle grinder not only impresses with its technical performance, but also with its looks and ergonomics. For its WPB 36 LTX BL 230, Metabo won the 2016 Red Dot Award in the Tools category.

This prestigious annual competition, which is awarded annually for innovative products with outstanding design, is regarded the world over as proof of the quality of its designs.

Frauke Kilblock, Head of Design at Metabo“To design and engineer a world novelty in-house alone is a very challenging task. This is why we are especially pleased with this award

For every new product Metabo systematically analyzes its applications and thus defines the key requirements for design, functions and operating principles.

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Andreas Siemer, Head of Product Management and Training at Metabo“The aim was to combine a large tool diameter and – above all – enormous tool power with an ergonomic, perfectly balanced design and thus ideally meet the needs of professional users.

And the Nürtingen specialists did it best: The dynamic shape of this ergonomic tool impressed the jury of nearly 40 people who said in their testimonials that the equal weight distribution provides excellent control of the angle grinder and the straight lines of the geometric shape reflected its high performance.

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