Mirror-less camera Samsung NX11 – for those who want to replace the big camera to a small

Samsung, not to mention the lawsuits from Apple, is known for its ability to be creative and not afraid of creative solutions in design, but with a series of mirrorless NX10 and NX11 was different. Externally, the new NX11, like its predecessor NX10 almost exactly, by the way, a copy, still found in stores , looks well as an ineptly flattened DSLR – it’s hard even to imagine that this is an advanced “system” compact.


14.6MP 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OIS 3″ $520

Nevertheless, it is quite a reasonable and weighted decision. Beauty as well as innovative shapes are to be found in another model – the Samsung NX100. This camera is aimed primarily at experienced amateurs, used to DSLRs and not ready to sacrifice comfort, but wishing to replace a large camera for a small one.

Mimicry the NX11 quite successfully. On a sight the camera cannot be distinguished from the usual SLR, and sensations from work are similar: the classical form with the appreciable, reliable handle, controls are located and function as in SLR cameras, precisely and quickly.

Unlike many compact competitors the NX11 has a built-in flash – when open it towers over the lens. There is also a viewfinder, though not optical but digital, but it is high quality and fast, with a resolution of 920 thousand. Points, in general, almost similar to a traditional optical viewfinder.

Photographers who are serious about technology will be pleased to know that the NX system is progressively developing: from time to time Samsung releases new lenses, flashes and accessories, so in this respect, they will not lose in the transition from SLR equipment to the Samsung system. The optics park is not big at the moment, but it is interesting enough and won’t slow down the photographer’s creative growth.

The range includes the standard stabilized 18-55 zoom, its new counterpart 20-50 mm both from the “kit” set of cameras NX10, NX11 and NX100 , a telephoto 50-200 mm F4-5,6, compact fast 20 mm and 30 mm lenses, attractive for reportage and genre photography. In the near future, the company promises to start selling a 60mm macro lens and an 18-200mm universal zoom.

What sets the NX11 apart from traditional DSLRs is its new proprietary i-Function interface, which speeds up and enhances its already comfortable operation. This is a button on the lens, activating the setting of a particular parameter such as aperture or exposure compensation , the actual setting by turning the focus ring it is certainly not mechanical, and electronic, equipped with a servo .

You get easy and quick access to the main shooting parameters, and you can adjust them right in the middle of shooting, without having to open your eyes from the scene or change the camera position.

Another nice plus that defines not so much the differences in classes as it does the exclusive capabilities of Samsung – a superior 3-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 614 thousand. points.

Bright and sharp image on it can be seen in all conditions and at any angle within 180 degrees, of course . And the display is very economical: even if you do not care about power saving, do not turn the device off and use just the screen all the time, the camera easily survives for several hours and shoots about 400 frames on a single battery charge.

Finally, another notable quality of the Samsung NX11 is the relatively low price. This, in general, is traditional for Samsung products, and in this case the company has not changed the rule.

The camera may not have an amazing compactness, advanced functionality or amazing video capabilities, but it handles well, shoots great, easily handles any photographic task, is quite compact and yet affordable. A very attractive combination of qualities, in our opinion.

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