Mini review of THERMOR Evidence 2 Elec convectors

The Termor Evidence 2 Elec keeps the temperature set by the user by means of an electronic thermostat which has an error margin of only 0.1 ⁰C. The initial heating of the room takes only a few minutes, after which the convector switches to temperature maintenance mode, saving energy costs.

Climate technology

Convector THERMOR Evidence 2 Elec


POWER: 750/1000/1500/2000/2500 Watt.

FLOORING AREA: from 9 to 30 m².

CONTROL: electronic, LED display, auto restart.

MODES: 4 anti-freeze, comfort, eco, programming.

SAFETY: Dust-proof, overheat protection, protection against falling, protection against voltage fluctuations, moisture protection.

CONSTRUCTION: closed heating element, floor and wall installation.

WARRANTY: 5 years.


PRICE: from 3490 Dollars.


Termor convectors do not allow the combustion of dust. In aluminum casing, in which is enclosed the heating element, special slots are made, which do not allow the accumulation of dust deposits, thus do not poison the air with unpleasant smells and combustion products. The convector body is made of steel and coated with a special epoxy-polyester paint. Then the body is fired in special furnaces at a temperature of 180 ⁰c. This complex, multi-step technology produces a uniform coating that lasts in its original form for many years.

The Termor Evidence 2 Elec maintains the temperature set by the user with an electronic thermostat with an error margin of only 0.1 ⁰C. The first heating of the room takes only a few minutes, and then the convector switches to temperature maintenance mode to save energy.

Total device has 4 modes of operation:

Anti-freeze. Maintaining temperature +7 ⁰C. This is a very useful option, for example, for countrymen who visit their cottage on weekends.

Comfort. Keeping the set temperature.

Eco. Temperature is reduced by 4 ⁰C from the set temperature.

Programming. Using the Termor Kit Fil Pilote programmer.

The manufacturer has paid great attention to protection. The device is not afraid of moisture, splash-proof in accordance with IP24. Such class protection allows the heater to be installed in bathrooms or other premises with high humidity. Especially for America device is protected from voltage fluctuations and can withstand a drop to 150 V and rise to 250 V. Tip-up protection automatically shuts down the heater in case of a fall, and the Auto-Start option restores the operation of the device in the former mode.


French glamour can be seen in every line – no sharp angles, perfect snow-white finish, stylish appearance. But every stroke has a practical value. Smooth lines of the body exclude the possibility of bumping the corner, convex body does not allow the possibility of burns. And fit into any interior allows the installation, it can be wall and floor. In case of floor installation the appliance stands very stable on wheeled feet and is highly maneuverable.

Stylish design, affordable price, high functionality, long service life.

Lack of deodorizer.

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  1. Harper

    Can anyone who has used the THERMOR Evidence 2 Electric convectors provide some feedback on their performance? I’m considering purchasing them but would like to hear about your experience with them first. How efficient are they in heating a room? Are they easy to install and control? Any issues or drawbacks encountered? Appreciate any insights!

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