Mini overview of ELIKOR Ruby S4 kitchen air cleaner from MODERN collection

The low price of this cooker hood combined with the latest developments in perimeter suction makes it an attractive option for the most discerning customer.


ELIKOR Ruby S4 kitchen air cleaner collection MODERN


PERFORMANCE: 700 m3/hour.


PURPOSE: up to 22 m2 with 2.7 m ceiling height and up to 58 m3 volume .

NOISE LEVEL: 50 dB at top speed.

POWER: 225 Watt.

CONTROL: electronic, 4 speeds, timer, operation indication.

LIGHTING: halogen lamps, 2 x 20 W.

BODY/Front: black glass.

AIR AIR FIRE: 150 mm.

FEATURES: perimeter suction, tilted design.

SIZES: 59h42,9h71 cm.

WEIGHT: 13 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year for the hood, 5 years for the turbine.



Slanted model with bottom lighting. The front consists of two indented panels. The air intake is between. Hinged hood opens up to reveal filter. Easy to remove/insert and wash filter cassette. 600 mm wide extractor hood, suitable for installation close to the cupboards and for wall mounting. Available in black or white. Black glass looks impressive against the black matte powder enameled housing and casing. A white hood is ideal for bright kitchens.


The manufacturer is confident in the quality of their products, as eloquently testified by a five-year warranty on the turbine. The motor itself is designed in an Italian factory, it has a high power and low noise level.

Dirty air is drawn in along the perimeter principle with a turbine that delivers 700 m3 /h. Perimeter suction improves motor performance by 20%, contributes to noise reduction and increases motor life.


Four speeds. The speed required at a given moment is selected by pressing the corresponding button. The button itself is an indicator – when pressed, the backlight will light up and the user will immediately see the current fan speed and, accordingly, the suction power.

The appliance is equipped with a 15-minute timer, which is needed after cooking. For removing residual odors include hood and timer. The user doesn’t need to go back to the kitchen every time – the timer does it all for him.

The low price of the cooker hood combined with the latest developments in perimeter suction make it an attractive option for the most demanding customer.

Affordable price, modern design, reliable turbine engine.

Don’t forget to clean the grease filter every 4 weeks.

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