Miele CM 6310 Coffee Machine Overview

A cup of coffee? Of course! The new Miele knows how to brew the best aromatic coffee and brew it right. Generation 6000 series appliance is the embodiment of the best coffee traditions, real German quality and elegant design.

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Coffee machine Miele CM 6310


The OneTouchforTwo function allows you to prepare two cups of coffee at once – a cappuccino and a latte macchiato, that is, two different milk-based coffees. This significantly reduces preparation time and makes it possible for two people to enjoy their drinks together.

AromaticSystem dynamic brewing chamber, an innovative technology designed to extract coffee oils in the most efficient way. The brewing chamber expands when filled with warm water, resulting in more intense mixing of ground coffee and water and a richer coffee aroma. After brewing process finished, the chamber size is reduced and coffee grounds are squeezed out and falls into a special waste bin.


  • Beverages: espresso, classic coffee, caffè lungo, ristretto.
  • Coffee with milk: cappuccino, latte macchiato, latte coffee.
  • Optional hot water, hot milk, milk foam.
  • Selectable grind and cup sizes.
  • Setting the amount of water per cup and its temperature.
  • Up to four personal settings.
  • Adjusting the amount of milk and milk foam per cup.

Your coffee machine handles the entire brewing process from grinding the beans to serving milk foam. With its flexible settings, you can adjust the strength of your beverage, the amount of coffee and the temperature. You can save your usual settings in the memory of your profile and activate them at the touch of a button, e.g. for a morning cup of espresso. You can create up to 4 user profiles in total.


  • Grain container for 300g beans, grounds container for 12-14 cups.
  • Water tank 1.8 l.
  • Cone mill for beans preserves coffee aroma as you grind.
  • Two types of coffee can be used, including ground coffee.
  • Pre-brewed coffee powder before a beverage is prepared.
  • Infinitely adjustable height of nozzle 8-14 cm.
  • Heated cup tray.
  • BrilliantLight LED illumination of touch buttons and nozzles.


The DirectSensor user interface makes getting to know and operating the machine as easy as possible. Each type of beverage is indicated by a certain symbol on the control panel. The menu is in American. Function names and menu items are shown on a high-tech TFT-display as clear white letters on a black background, and menu navigation is done via touch buttons. Just press the corresponding button twice for a double beverage. Specialties like pre brew, grind, ground coffee amount and temperature, easily changeable as desired.

The coffee machine can be programmed to turn on so that it is ready to go when you need it, the heating element and cups are hot. Your beverage can be made in seconds.


  • Cleaning programs.
  • Automatic rinsing of the milk pipe, activated unattended as soon as the machine is switched off.
  • Removable brewing unit and milk pipe.


DIMENSIONS: 359x251x427 mm.


ACCESSORIES: steel bowl for milk can be kept in the refrigerator , spoon for ground coffee.

PRICE: 75 500 Dollars.

TWO COLORS: ObsidianBlack and WhiteLotus.

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