Miele CM 6300 coffee machine review

In 2014, the company Miele pleased all its fans: on sale is a new solo coffee machine Miele CM 6300, which can make coffee, as a highly professional Italian barista. The model does not need to be built in a niche, it can be installed on the desktop in any place convenient to you, because it is a SOLO technique, designed specifically for all lovers of quality coffee.

Coffee machines

Miele CM 6300 Generation 6000 Series Solo Coffee Machine


The coffee machine has the widest range of possibilities:

All your favorite drinks like espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and espresso are at the touch of a button.Provides for the preparation of lungo, latte, hot milk, milk foam and hot water.

All information regarding the current status or the action to be performed is indicated on the display.

You can prepare one drink or two drinks per serving. And you can program two drinks per cup or two drinks per cup. The One Touch for Two function allows you to prepare two milk-based coffee drinks, such as cappuccino and latte macchiato, at the same time.

But the main thing in a modern coffee machine is not even this, but the possibility to create your own coffee, and not just one, but as many as presented in the menu.

Up to 4 individual settings for your favorite beverages can be stored in the memory of the machine. Subsequently, all you have to do is select a certain profile and your coffee machine makes coffee exactly to your liking.

Thanks to the Direct Sensor user interface, operation is especially easy and self-explanatory. Each type of beverage is marked on the control panel with a specific symbol. Function names and menu items are indicated on a high-tech TFT display with clear white letters on black background and menu navigation via touch keys.


A very interesting feature of the coffee machine is the possibility to vary the taste of the beverage, using the pre-brew function. Coffee powder is moistened with hot water after grinding. After a short time, the remaining water runs through. Thanks to this, the coffee aroma becomes more intense.

You can set short or long pre-brew or disable the. In each case, there will be nuances of taste that can be appreciated by refined lovers of the beverage.

Another interesting feature is the dynamic Aromatic System brewing chamber.

This innovative technology was developed by Miele, and makes it possible to extract the maximum nutritional benefits from the coffee beans. The brewing chamber expands when filled with lukewarm water, which mixes the ground coffee and water more intensively and creates a richer coffee aroma. Once brewed, the bean hopper is reduced in size and the coffee grounds are squeezed out and can be disposed of in a waste bin.

In addition the coffee strength, beverage temperature, batch size and the individual components for a milk beverage can be selected.

Interruption of preparation at any time. You can interrupt the preparation of milk beverages or the entire drink.

Adjustment of the central nozzle according to the height of the cups or glasses used.


The main purpose of grinding is to increase the surface area of the beans in contact with water, thus allowing extraction of the taste and aromatic components of coffee. The first step largely defines the taste and aroma of the final product, that’s why it is so important to know how the grinder works.

The body of the mill is made of metal, which ensures durability and reliability of all components of the machine.

The cone miller allows a more uniform grind quality. They prevent overheating and ensure a longer service life.

The grinder can be adjusted to the type of coffee used, choosing one of five grind levels.

Coffee machines


The coffee machine can be easily programmed to start at fixed times, for example every morning at 8 o’clock. You don’t have to waste a minute waiting for the system to warm up and flush – you’ll be up and running in no time. All you have to do is push the button for a cappuccino or an espresso.

The machine switches off automatically 7 minutes after the last touch of a button. But this time can be changed to any other time you want.

The safety lock prevents your coffee machine from being accidentally switched on by children or other family members.

You can adjust the volume of the buzzers and the touch-button signals to choose the optimal sound level so you can hear it without disturbing anyone in the household at the same time.

Coffee machines


The new CM 6300 has an automatic tube flushing function. If you brew a drink with milk, rinsing will automatically start as soon as the machine is turned off. This function can also be controlled manually. Simply detach the tube from the milk container and dip the end of the tube into the liquid tray – it is first rinsed with water, then steam disinfected.

The brewing unit is also easy to detach and rinse under running water, while the drip tray and waste container are dishwasher safe.

Techniques for beverages


If you are not using the cup warmer, you can switch the heating pad off to save energy.

In addition to normal mode, the machine has an ECO mode. When you activate it, the machine heats up again each time before a new beverage is brewed. In this case the cooking time is slightly longer, but it saves a lot of energy.

Variable brightness of backlighting ensures comfort and saves energy at the same time.



FEATURES: stainless steel thermoblock, coffee bean container for 300 g, milk tank capacity 0,5 l, water tank 1,8 l, grounds container capacity – 10 servings, the central nozzle height adjustable between 8-14 cm.

DIMENSIONS: 35,9×25,1×42,7 cm. WEIGHT: 9,9g.

ACCESSORIES: steel milk container with optional fridge storage available at extra charge .

DESIGN: available in two colors Obsidian Black and White Lotus, LED backlighting for touch buttons and beverage cup.

WARRANTY: 2 years. WORKING LIFE: corresponds to about 25,000 servings of coffee or espresso


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