Midea and ZigBee partnership: wireless equipment integration

The ZigBee Alliance announced that the Midea Group will have a seat on its board of directors. Midea accepted the invitation to become a member in January 2016, and in March an upgrade allowed the company to join ZigBee on a qualitatively new level.

Computers & Peripherals

Midea Group joins companies such as Legrand Group, Philips, Schneider Electric, Silicon Labs on the ZigBee board of directors

The ZigBee Alliance, is a community of more than 300 companies that have come together to develop effective wireless networking protocols and interoperability between devices from different manufacturers. The main areas of ZigBee technology application are wireless sensor networks, home automation “Smart Home” and “Smart Building” , medical equipment, industrial monitoring and control systems, as well as consumer electronics and personal computer “peripherals.

“Midea is focused on creating innovative products and open smart operating platforms for comfortable living.”,

– said Ethan Xue, Midea’s Director of Product Strategy & Operations.

“ZigBee technology is a leading communications technology and is used on millions of devices worldwide. Participation in the Alliance at the level of the founder of the Board of Directors allows us to further invest in our development in cooperation with other major brands-leaders and improve the technology of “Smart House. This is where we see the future of our products.”.

Midea Group joins such companies as Legrand Group, Philips, Schneider Electric, Silicon Labs on the ZigBee board of directors.

Tobin Richardson, ZigBee Alliance president and CEO evaluated the upgrade:

“Midea is an extremely influential brand that understands what consumers expect from home appliances and home systems. Midea adds experience to the leadership of our board and gives impetus to the further development of the Alliance.”.

ZigBee simplifies wireless product integration and shortens time-to-market while reducing cost and risk for product manufacturers looking to adopt wireless control technology.

Daiichi company – the exclusive distributor of Midea climatic equipment in America – is one of the leading American climatic companies. The main business is the wholesale supply of HVAC equipment from leading global manufacturers through a network of authorized dealers in all regions of America.

For customers there is a single Daichi customer support service by phone 8-800-200-00-05 free call from any city of the American Federation .

For more information, visit daichi’s website.

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