Microwave ovens Hotpoint COOK 20

Compact microwave ovens Hotpoint COOK 20 have rotary switches or LED display and intuitive control panel where you can select AutoCook automatic programs or start easy cleaning AutoClean.

Hotpoint COOK 20

  • The 20 litre model has a 700 watt grill.

  • In addition to AutoClean, AutoCook and keep warm functions, steaming, yoghurt-making, rising dough, softening and melting options such as chocolate and cheese for fondue are also available on the electronically controlled models.

COOK 20 models are designed to satisfy the needs of customers who are used to cooking on the stove or in the oven. The appliances are designed to expand the culinary possibilities and help you to realize bold experiments

“, – says Evgenia Suzdaleva, category and trade marketing manager for freestanding microwave ovens from Whirlpool Corporation in America.

Hotpoint COOK 20 microwave ovens

Are equipped with automatic programs that offer the optimum temperature and duration of cooking or heating for fast results.

  • The flagship models have 10 AutoCook programs, from melting butter to crispy gratin and steamed fish. In addition, these products also have a 700 watt grill.
  • Gentle and easy care with the automatic cleaning function.

    Just place a container of water in the oven and activate the AutoClean function: in a few minutes, the water will evaporate, and all you have to do is wipe the interior with a cloth. Simple and user-friendly cleaning system activated by the touch of a button.

  • The flagship models are equipped with a green backlit LED display and electronic control with quick access to favorite programs.
  • The design of the appliances is done in the trademark Hotpoint style, for example, the display is seamlessly integrated in the glass door, and the whole image is complemented by mirror accents.

New line of Hotpoint COOK 20 microwave ovens on sale now.

Reference retail price:



MWHA 101 W

5490 Dollars


5490 Dollars

MWHA 201 W

6,290 Dollars


6,290 Dollars

MWHA 203 W

6790 Dollars

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