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Independent of the music genre the player produces a neutral sound. No emotional explosion from the music, but no big disappointment from the lacks. The great advantage of this player is its ability to playback popular compressed mp3 and WMA record formats.

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The player is based on the audio DAC CS4398 from the Cirrus Logic company, which integrates digital filters and noise limiters and other select electronic components. The audio circuit is made according to HDAM technology Hyper Dynamic Amplii er Modules , according to which isolated circuits with independent low-noise electronic components are used instead of integrated operational amplifiers. The oversized transformer is designed to increase audio signal stability. Au-dio connectors are gold-plated to provide the best possible interconnection to the audio interconnect cables.

Front panel plug allows to plug in headphones, and there is a knob next to the plug for volume control. The display can be turned off completely to reduce interference. The display symbols are small and have a bluish purple hue. CD-Text feature causes song title to be displayed scrolling . Three timekeeping modes: time from the beginning of the track, time to the end of the track and time to the end of the whole disk.

The player allows you to program the order of playback up to 30 songs. It’s not unimportant, if we consider that the Marantz CD6002 plays mp3 and WMA records, which can be very numerous on one disc. Implemented also the mode of random playback of tracks, the function of repeating the marked part of the recording and track repeat, as well as Q-replay mode, which can play the previous fragment from 5 to 60 sec of the current track. The remote also allows you to control the Marantz amplifier. Switching tracks is very fast, literally at the moment of pressing the button, simultaneously with the appearance on the display of the new track number starts its playback.

The player is available in black or silver.


Pop, electronic music. Music from these genres sounds balanced, with the slightest preponderance of bass, so in general the sound is a little warmer than usual. Low-frequency sounds in the upper bass are rendered moderately unsharp, but the flaccidity of the mid-bass is considerably increased.

However, despite not very high intelligibility, the bass range, nevertheless, leaves a pleasant impression. Most of all I liked the sound of the instruments in the middle, it is the most elaborated range in all respects. The pulses of percussion instruments in the middle are the most articulate, and all sounds above the bass range have no problems with attack. The electronic bit sounds accentuated, but without a pressing aural syntheticity, so when you increase the volume the sound is not less pleasant to perceive.

The top cannot be called silver or crystal, but it is distinct and clear without being harsh, so the aftershocks of the drum metal and the nuances of the high-frequency musical special effects are reproduced very well.

Even though the detail, with which the background or just faint sounds of the high range are reproduced is not maximum, the detail of the upper range is enough to reproduce the scale of the composition, where it is necessary, and recreate the atmosphere of the sound, corresponding to the composer’s idea. There is also enough detail in the transmitted sound to recreate the beauty of the original synthesized electronic tones.Rock.

Bass in rock tracks sounds strong, though not always unambiguous. The low-frequency energy output is exemplary, so those who prefer the power of the bass and don’t care so much about the definition of the sound will be pleasantly surprised by the power and resiliency of the bass guitar riffs. At the same time the attack of the bass beats is not very clear, so the dips and rises of the low-frequency impulses are perceived as soft waves. This circumstance reduces the transparency, preventing you from perceiving the low-frequency information in its fullness.The electric guitar notes in the middle don’t sound very long, maybe it’s because of the low volume. Not all details in the middle come through clearly, you expect some familiarity of the composition, but it is absent, or it is only faintly hinted at, despite the high volume.

In general, the sound of rock music does not cause discomfort, but in spite of all the energy of the bass register, it does not cause an explosion of emotions.

The classic

. During the soft parts of music, when the bass-bass part starts winding up, you can notice that the rising of their sound is not so vigorously transferred. In the climaxes the bass sounds thundering, but not very clear, but more rumbling.

The resolution of the sound is not always enough to make complex polyphonic music sound without simplification. The violin parts are not as detailed as possible, the resolution in the lower middle is not the highest, so the parts sound monolithic and slightly veiled even in climaxes. You can tell that the violins are drawn in broad strokes. But the instruments with higher voices, such as violas, flutes, and horns are rendered in details. The top is represented mainly by metal percussion instruments, which are heard best in the most striking moments of the piece.

I like the low level of the background noises, which are not noticeable even when you turn up the volume significantly. The staging is done correctly, at least the brass and strings are not jumbled in space and it is quite easy to imagine the disposition of the musical instruments.


. Music of this genre is balanced so that the most profuse are the bass and the middle, and close to the upper range sound becomes impoverished. I liked the treble bass, the contrabass in this range has an excellent attack.

The brass brass in the middle is a little weaker, but the bass brass is output with a thick, dense sound. The impulses are most pronounced in the middle and at the top, the piano, for example, sounds most concentrated in the upper middle.

The quality of the quiet sound depends on the range: the soft double bass plays rather monotonously, slightly muttering. But a muffled cymbal sounds with a good metal in the voice.

In jazz, and in other genres as well, the reduced detail of the sound slightly reduces the effect of the reality of the vocals due to the absence of some characteristic sounds of articulation during singing.

But in general, even long-lasting listening to jazz pieces does not strain your ears, all these defects are noticeable only if you pay close attention to them.


Average price in New York is about 16 100 Dollars.

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