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Smart homes, home appliances that send messages to their owners on smartphones, refrigerators that write what food to buy for dinner – most of our compatriots perceive such information as a fantastic story. But for the residents of South Korea, this is already a common reality of their everyday life.

Large kitchen appliances

How to make a fairy tale come true, I went to see LG white goods factory in Changwon. There I was able to learn all about the latest developments, asked questions to the management and designers of the company. The big news is the launch of LG SIGNATURE, a line of ultra-premium household appliances that embody the luxurious lifestyle, the ideal household appliance of a modern South Korean.

Large kitchen appliances

Washing Machines

Smart Sensor

In Seoul’s trendy Gangnam district is one of LG Best Shop, where you can find all the company’s new. On several floors you can see, test and buy smartphones, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and all kinds of accessories. There are a lot of young people and couples in love in the store. The main interest is smart appliances Smart . For weddings in Korea it is customary to give Best Shop certificates, so the newlyweds themselves choose the appliances for the house, which embody for them Gangnam Style luxurious lifestyle , sung in the famous song of PSY.

Large appliances for the kitchen

Especially great interest from buyers and journalists aroused the system Smart ThinQ, which uses a hub to connect the washing machine, refrigerator and air conditioning devices into a network of “smart home. A small 4 cm diameter sensor is attached to each device with a magnet and the hub becomes the link between all the smart devices for data exchange.

SmartThinQ sensor is able to detect changes in temperature and vibration and report the status of operation through a special smartphone app. For example, by connecting a sensor to the washing machine, the user is informed in real time about the end of washing and is reminded to take clothes out of the drum. If you connect the sensor to the air conditioner, the device can turn the system on and off, and adjust the temperature in the house.

Big appliances for the kitchen

Receive notification of work and remotely control televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, room lighting systems, robot vacuum cleaners, and other appliances in the house. Since 2012 LG Electronics company is steadily heading towards the development of “smart” appliances. Smart technology makes home life easier for consumers: simplifying chores, saving time and money.

Two drums in one machine

LG Best Shop has an LG Smart ThinQ Sensor on the LG TWIN Wash TW7000WS FH0C8CDS7 , which is produced at the LG Wash Factory in Changwon, near Busan. A new washing machine rolls off the production line every 9 seconds, and the total daily production of washing machines and refrigerators is 15-20 thousand units.

LG TWIN Wash TW7000WS FH0C8CDS7 combines a full size front-loading washer 17kg and the TWIN Wash Mini 3.5kg , hidden in a drawer. Washing times are significantly reduced by having two drums, because you can now carry out several washing cycles at once. Powerful main washer handles a large volume of items, and TWIN Wash Mini is ideal for delicate or specialty washes when special settings are needed, such as underwear or baby clothes.

Home Appliances

TWIN Wash TW7000WS FH0C8CDS7 supports LG’s unique TurboWash 2 technology.0. Nozzles inside the main drum spray water with a “shower” effect for a more effective rinse.

The heart of the LG TWIN Wash is an advanced inverter motor with an Inverter Direct Drive system connected directly to the drum. This design improves motor efficiency and reduces the number of rubbing parts in the motor, resulting in a longer service life.

LG TWIN Wash TW7000WS FH0C8CDS7 is designed with the consumer in mind. The door of the main machine is adjusted to the center of the drum. It is placed higher than in traditional models, and with a slight tilt, to make loading and unloading easier. This washer has won numerous design awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and International Design Excellence Award.

Locker with a secret

If we talk about design, it is impossible not to remember the most original and unusual device LG – STYLER. Only by visiting Korea can you understand how the idea of the “Styler” came about.

The point is that a traditional Korean dinner is cooked right in front of us, on our table, on the mini barbecue. Charcoal-grilled meat is probably one of Korea’s most popular dishes. Companies in a restaurant most often sit in separate rooms, socialize, and cook for themselves. The tables are equipped with the original hoods, but there’s no escaping the smell of food and smoke. Clothes retain their meal scent for a long time.


LG has come up with an elegant solution to this problem: you hang up a dress or jacket in the cupboard, and there they are smoothed out, refreshed and lose all odours. The LG Styler can clean any kind of clothes: suits, coats, shawls, scarves and even plush toys. No need for dry cleaning, you can give your clothes professional, quality care at home. Any odors – from cigarettes, smoke, paint, perfume – won’t be a problem, they stay in the closet. So jealous husbands and wives can no longer base their conclusions on a close examination of their partner’s clothing.

The LG Styler system uses LG TrueSteam technology, which gently disinfects clothes, smoothes out creases and eliminates unpleasant odours, leaving clothes with a fresh scent. At the touch of a button, hot steam sprays directly onto the garment, eliminating more than 99% of the germs and bacteria on it. Another handy gadget is the moving hangers, they gently shake the clothes to even better smooth out the creases during steam treatment.

Washing machines

And a special built-in press will do the arrows on your pants. A huge plus is that the LG Styler system is great for clothes made of fur, which is so difficult to clean.

The newest LG Styler system provides for the use of Tag-On tags. Owners can download clothing-specific maintenance cycles and program the Styler from their smart phones. If for any reason the Styler ever needs maintenance, Smart Diagnosis will send alerts to users’ smart phones so that prompt action can be taken. The Styler is a perfect example of what LG means by “innovation for better living.

600 liters of happiness

The focus of the showroom at LG’s Changwon factory was the latest door-in-door refrigerator with a capacity of more than 600 liters, making it the absolute volume leader among refrigerators of similar depth. Increased interior volume through the use of a space-saving design and thin insulated wall technology.

Home Appliances

LG GC-247 Series

In addition, the food in the fridge stays fresh longer thanks to the LG NatureFRESH system, represented by the FRESHBalancer and Hygiene Fresh zones+. It keeps optimal humidity and temperature levels for certain kinds of food, like meat or vegetables. The Hygiene Fresh+ filter ensures active and uniform circulation of the purified air in all the compartments of the refrigerator.

The upgraded Door-in-Door compartment has been maximized and made even more convenient to use. There is a Hidden Button at the bottom of the door – just press it to open the door.

Door-in-Door design not only gives users quick access to frequently requested products, but also reduces cold loss by up to 41%.

The heart of LG GC-247 series refrigerators is the inverter linear compressor. It reduces internal friction and therefore energy consumption and running noise, and at the same time increases reliability and durability.

Large appliances for the kitchen

Washing machines

Meet LG Signature!

On the day of official meetings at LG Twin Towers HQ, LG’s top management unveiled the new premium LG SIGNATURE range to journalists.

The best designs from the company’s experts. The first products in LG’s SIGNATURE line include the upgraded TWINWash washing machine, an advanced Door-in-Door refrigerator, and a futuristic hybrid air purifier.

LG SIGNATURE washing machine updated version of LG TWIN Wash has a futuristic and yet elegant design. The QuickCircle touch user interface built into the 17-degree glass door ensures good visibility. Washing machine door opens easily when pressed, making loading easy even with large loads. Glossy enamel coating on the outside of the machine leaves no fingerprints or corrosion marks. The washing machine is manufactured with proprietary Centum System technology, which provides increased durability and energy efficiency of the appliance.


LG SIGNATURE refrigerator – a new look at combining advanced technology, premium materials and convenience. LG took the success of its award-winning Door-in-Door design and went one step further by adding the InstaView Door-in-Door function. Tinted door-in-door compartment becomes transparent after a light knock on the surface. The transparent screen allows users to see the contents of the refrigerator without opening the door, which prevents the loss of cold air and ensures energy savings. Moreover, LG shaded display notifies the users about the temperature inside the refrigerator and freezer compartments and the current conditions outside.

LG SIGNATURE air purifier is an original and unusual device responsible for high quality indoor air. It features an Aqua-Cyclone device that uses the power of water to filter out harmful chemicals and pollutants while quickly bringing indoor humidity to comfortable levels. In addition, the air purifier is equipped with the LG Smart PM1 indicator.0, which allows you to easily monitor air quality in real time on a crystal clear display. The indicator uses four different colors to show the density of ultrafine dust particles in the air. And the user just has to watch the cleaning process through the transparent panel and enjoy the purest air.

LG SIGNATURE collection of household appliances presented to the journalists in this press tour are already available for the American users. For the first time in New York, the SIGNATURE line could be seen at the Fashion Week in New York, which was held from 18 to 23 October 2016 in Gostiny Dvor.


Interesting facts about LG

– The company, known as LG Group, was formed by the merger of Lucky Chemical and Goldstar.

– Since 1947 Lucky Chemical has been producing tooth powder and face cream.

– GoldStar introduced South Korea’s first hair dryer in 1963, the first refrigerator in 1965, and the first television set in 1966.

– In 2005 LG became a leader in sales of front-loading washing machines in the USA.

– The company employs 77,000 people in 125 locations worldwide.

After traveling to the other side of the world, we saw LG Electronics’ desire to make high-tech and intelligent products with stylish design with our own eyes.

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