In step with the times: the company Ariston Thermo has released an application for smartphones based on Android

Modern equipment becomes “smarter” with each new generation. And now water heaters and heating boilers are able to analyze the fault independently in the case of a breakdown and use a code to report it. This is the principle behind AristonThermo’s equipment. To make it easier to find a “common language”, the manufacturer has released a mobile app that contains an explanation of these codes.


App for Android-based smartphonesAristonThermo

Until recently, technicians commissioning, installing and servicing Ariston heating and water-heating appliances had to carry manuals, memorize or write down error codes to determine the cause of equipment failure. Now enough to have your smartphone with the Error Codes Ariston program installed.

When working with it, you should first specify the type of equipment, select the series and model. After that you should enter the error code and press OK. If you’ve done everything correctly, the error description and troubleshooting recommendations will appear on the screen.

“We would like to draw users’ attention to the fact that in any case it is better not to repair the device yourself, – advises Vadim Smirnov, senior product manager of Ariston Thermo Rus LLC. – After all, all maintenance work should be performed by a qualified technician in compliance with safety regulations.

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