Legrand gives freedom to users of mobile devices

Owners of smart phones, tablets and other gadgets need no longer worry about their untimely phone shutting down at work or their laptop shutting down while they are chatting on Skype. Energy independence is given to them by built-in chargers with USB-connector from Legrand Group, the world specialist in electrical and information systems of buildings. They can be used in the house and office, mounted in a conventional wiring box or cable duct. Legrand solutions are identical in design and size to conventional electrical outlets and switches. Each of them has 1 or 2 USB ports, allowing to charge mobile devices with an optimum speed.

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Chargers with USB-sockets from Legrand Group

Today USB – or Universal Serial Bus – is the most widespread way to connect various electronic devices with each other. Exactly the USB-connectors are used to charge the batteries in gadgets, almost all modern tablets, smartphones, players, camcorders, cameras, etc. are equipped with them. The only difficulty for the users is the necessity to have a special USB adapter for a regular socket at hand all the time. But it’s not always convenient – in your morning rush you might forget it at home, and before you go to sleep you might find that the “plug” is in the next room. Legrand’s solution allows you to forget about these difficulties: chargers with USB plugs don’t need adapters.

Chargers with USB plugs are available in several popular series of Legrand Group electrical installation equipment. Users, paying special attention to interior design, will like the expressive Valena collection and designer’s C series&eacute The camera offers a variety of colors and textures of decorative frames. High-tech and modern connoisseurs will like original and bright LivingLight and Axolute series Bticino, Italy . For offices and public buildings Mosaic series devices are the best solution.

In some series of electric installation equipment of Legrand Group additional functionality is available. The new C&eacute lianeii Includes 2K+Z outlet two pins and ground with integrated USB charger. It can be installed in place of any existing single outlet. Another advantage of this series is the wall-mounted smartphone cradle in a standard “socket” case. Such a convenient solution allows to fix the charging device in immediate proximity to the power source.

Background: Average charging time of well-known smartphone brands at 01.09.2014 g.


charging time

1 smartphone

2 smartphones

1 tablet







1500 mA

1 hr 15 min

2 ch

2 ch

2 h 45 min

From 2 hours 30 mins to 3 hours

3 h 30 min to 5 h 30 min

LEGRAND built-in USB chargers are compatible with any device released after 2010.

To be available in America in January 2016.

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