Kitchenaid Artisan 5KTT780 toaster test

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CONGRATULATIONS: as a result of the test we liked the safety system: if the toast is taken out early and the appliance forgets to turn off, it will turn off by itself. Toasts are evenly searing enough, and we didn’t expect much from the device, where there are no additional modes. Its main purpose is to be a bright and stylish accent in the kitchen, as this toaster has the MOST ORIGINAL DESIGN.

CONDITIONS: the beautiful, shiny cabinet gets dirty at the touch of your hands, so even though you really want to touch the toaster, it’s better to refrain from doing it. High cost limits the range of potential customers.

Kitchenaid Artisan 5KTT780 Toaster

Technical parameters


MANUFACTURING: U.S.A./Assembly – China.

POWER: 850 Watt.

NUMBER OF COMPARTMENTS: two, width of compartment: 30 mm.

FUNCTIONS: 9 toasting levels, toast heating.

ACCESSORIES: bread and sandwich holder removable crumb tray. 1.1 meter cord length.

CONTROL: automatic shutoff, programmed cancellation on/off switch , automatic shutoff in 15 seconds if bread is removed prematurely.

COLOR: metal/red lacquer.

FACILITIES: 270h240h200 mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

PRICE: 7900 Dollars.

Test result

DESIGN: suggests American origin of the appliance. Not very large in size, it looks solid and takes our imagination back to the 1940s. Retro-style manifests itself in many ways, but above all in the fact that no functional parts are hidden, but rather show off and look like independent elements: handles and switch – contrasting black, the fan – with a frame and shiny grid, a tray for crumbs – with a rounded, shiny handle.

Even the joints of the differently colored parts metallic and red are held together by screws whose hats don’t hide anywhere on purpose, but only add to the construction’s confidence. All this does not interfere with modern ergonomics: in the bottom of the body is built in a device for winding the cord, rubber feet and a large weight of the device eliminates accidental fall.

CONTROL PANEL: Located on the side and consists of a lever lifting the bread, a rotary switch for toasting levels and a rotary on/off switch.

FIRST TOAST: grilled for 2 minutes and 45 seconds in “6” mode. And what do we have according to the results of the short-term test? We have 2 evenly but slightly stronger than average fried slices and a slightly thicker than desired crust on one of the toasts. Manufacturer recommends mode “6” for medium toasted toast, but it seemed to us that you should use a more gentle mode to get this result.

DEFROSTING MODE: this model does not have a DEFROSTING mode.

HEATING: not a separate mode from the manufacturer, but you can reheat cool toast in mode 2 or 3.


ONE HAND PREPARATION: There is no such mode.

DETAILS: test as much as you want – all sides of the case stay cold. Only the top plate is hot. No hassle taking the toast out as well since it can be raised high enough with a special lever.

The INSTRUCTIONS: we liked the fact that no important point was missing and that the text was translated intelligently and professionally. One point that could mislead the American consumer was confusing: “insert the bread or other food to be toasted into the slots…”

It seemed to us that such a text could provoke people, inclined to experiments, to undesirable actions. Another thing that puzzled me was that the instruction manual is for two toasters at once – albeit slightly different. This is a bit confusing and is probably the only complaint we have about this test item.

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    Does the Kitchenaid Artisan 5KTT780 toaster perform well in terms of toasting bread evenly and consistently?

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