Kefir dough pizza

For the dough:

Electric ovens

1 cup kefir,

2 eggs,

1 teaspoon sugar,

0.5 teaspoons of baking soda,

0.5 teaspoon salt,

1 cup flour.

For the stuffing:

meat or fish,

2 medium sized onions,

200g tomatoes,

200 g sweet bell pepper,

200g of hard cheese,

3 tablespoons mayonnaise,

2 tablespoons sour cream,

salt to taste spices.

Preparation: add eggs, salt, baking soda, sugar, add sifted flour, knead the dough, pour it into a greased oiled bowl.

Put meat or fish stuffing or sausage, or boiled chicken, or canned fish in oil, etc. on top. d. , then put diced onions, tomatoes and bell peppers.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. Pour on grated cheese and pour mixture of mayonnaise and sour cream.

Bake in oven on medium heat for 25-30 minutes.

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