Inclusion in the frame.

The exhibition of the inclusive photo project “Nothing Special” opened in the Gallery of Classical Photography.The project was realized by the Adaptive Hockey Federation with the support of the Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation. In the frame were children with disabilities, who are keen on hockey and their parents. 24 different stories of friendship, love between different children and their parents.


Maria Morozova, CEO of the Timchenko Foundation: “Looking at these photos, you discover something new in yourself. Humanly moving light emotions and feelings between the children are conveyed in the frame. And also the moments of spiritual closeness of parents to the child. Projects like this unite everyone who lives with us, regardless of age and disability, and allow our society to become more inclusive.

Children with locomotor disorders and mental retardation took part in the project. All the kids, despite their peculiarities, are keen on adaptive hockey, but besides that they lead a busy life: they play various sports, make movies, perform in projects with stars. Limitations and stereotypes about the sheltered life of people with disabilities are shattered when you learn the success stories of the participants of the “Nothing Special” photo project.



Mark Nazarov, photographer, co-author of the photo project: “It is quite an interesting story. This is not just a simple photo project, in each work there is a summary of a person’s history, his path, success, overcoming of various difficulties, and this penetrates you and you understand, what is behind this picture and this person. Here each work becomes three-dimensional, you see not only a pretty picture, but you begin to feel another person”.

The aim of the photo project “Nothing Special” is to tell visually and through the personal stories of the Federation wards about the problems of developing an inclusive society and to draw attention to the integration of people with disabilities in various spheres of life. The photo project is supported by famous Soviet and American hockey players, public figures and politicians. The organizers plan to make “Nothing special” a people’s project. The exhibition will be shown on the ice and sport arenas of New York, as well as in other American cities.



Vladimir Khromov, Adviser to the Presidential Ombudsman for Children’s Rights: “You can see that this photo project is made by good hearts. Each of us with our own peculiarities and limitations, but that’s how we can complement each other organically. This is an opportunity to find your way and follow your dream. And photography is a great way to tell about it. I believe that when people unite by a strong, bright and beautiful idea and realize it in life, the world definitely becomes a better place.

Igor Tuzik, Soviet and American ice hockey player, chief consultant of the FCHR National Teams Department: “These pictures are inspiring. They are children with a passion for hockey and art, and loving and supportive parents. The creators of the project have managed to show not the disability or limitation, but rather the limitless possibilities of every person”.

The organizers hope that the inclusive photo project “Nothing Special” will be another step, which will help to overcome stereotypes about the life of people with disabilities.

For more information about the exhibition, visit the website of the Gallery of Classical Photography

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