IFA 2015: Basis Peak goes international

BERLIN, Germany, September 2, 2015. – Basis, an Intel-owned company and manufacturer of multifunction sleep and exercise monitoring devices, today announced the global launch of the Basis Peak™. The tracker supports the following features: 24/7 heart rate monitoring even during physical activity , automatic physical activity tracking, advanced user analysis during sleep and on-screen notifications: text messages, call and email notifications. Basis also announced today the integration of Basis Peak with Runtastic, the market leader in mobile health and fitness solutions, whose products help increase the effectiveness of physical training. Users will be able to monitor their heart rate and plan their workout route using the Runtastic app and GPS location tracking.

Computers and peripherals

Computers & Peripherals

Sleep and activity tracker with advanced tracking capabilities and smartwatch notification support in a compact and stylish package available from leading retailers

Available for purchase today, the Basis Peak device will be available in select retail stores at the recommended retail price &euro 229. Continuously monitors user movement, perspiration and body surface temperature. Using multiple sensors and Basis’ Body IQ™ technology at the same time, the activity tracker automatically detects when you are walking, running or cycling. In addition, the novelty is capable of detecting sleep phases, sleep quality and other physiological indicators. Basis Peak can run for up to 4 days without recharging – even though heart rate monitoring is done 24/7, which puts a significant strain on the battery. The new device can also operate in water up to 50 meters deep, allowing it to be used while swimming, and displays notifications received from the smart watch, including information on incoming calls and text messages. This feature is available for compatible iOS and Android smartphone models. Basis Peak app syncs with Apple Health and Google Fit to share information.

State-of-the-art technology in a slim design

Basis Peak combines a wide range of hardware and software features in a state-of-the-art package that allows you to use the device at work, during workouts in the gym and outside. Key Features:

  • Intelligent physical activity and sleep tracking

    With Body IQ technology – The smart features implemented in Basis Peak include Body IQ technology containing proprietary algorithms that automatically track sleep and physical activity walking, running and cycling and perform advanced sleep analysis: REM sleep, deep and shallow sleep, sleep turning, waking and sleep quality.

  • Modern and customizable design

    – Basis Peak has a compact forged aluminum body with a touchscreen with Gorilla Glass 3 protectionTM. The novelty will be available in two versions: a matte black case with a black strap with red inserts and a brushed silver case with a white strap with gray inserts. All designs support immersion in water to depths of 50m and have soft silicone straps – Standard 23mm strap allows users to change inserts as desired.

  • A system for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

    Habit-based – Basis Peak not only automatically tracks all health-related activities, but also assigns them a rating through a special system so that users can gradually transition to a healthier lifestyle. Helping users set measurable goals, like going to bed at the same time every day or getting up from a desk once every hour, the system automatically adapts based on the user’s progress to make sure goals are met and habits are formed.

  • On-screen notification display

    , received from a smart watch – It displays on-screen notifications from a smart watch, including alerts for incoming calls and text messages. The tracker supports iOS and Android smartphones.

  • Synchronization with services

    Apple Health and Google Fit – Users can stream their exercise and sleep data to Apple Health and Google Fit. This allows not only to view the data in these services, but also to transfer the information for use with other popular applications.

  • Stopwatch and gentle vibration functions

    -The tracker also supports current time and date display, stopwatch and a smooth vibration function that works as an alarm clock. In addition, it has the ability to repeat the alarm vibration.

  • Extensive functionality

    For a mobile lifestyle – iOS and Android apps for the Basis Peak tracker provide concise and detailed information about the user’s activity, exercise and sleep. In addition, all data is synchronized wirelessly in the background.

Partnership with Runtastic

Basis has partnered with Runtastic, the market leader in mobile health and exercise solutions, to give device users a clearer view of the data they collect and their progress in exercise. Basis Peak will have officially confirmed compatibility with the Runtastic PRO app. All Basis Peak users will receive the Runtastic PRO app for free so they can track their walks, runs and bike rides using the GPS feed, and track their heart rate using Basis Peak sensors. In addition, users of the new device will receive a 40% discount for the Runtastic Premium Membership program, which provides a range of useful features within the Runtastic ecosystem. The special offer will begin October 1, 2015. Countries where Basis Peak will be officially launched including France, Germany and Italy.

“We are always happy to offer our users the best solutions from innovative companies,” said Florian Gschwandtner, CEO and co-founder of Runtastic. – With Basis Peak, we offer our users accurate heart rate monitoring directly on their wrist, which is much more convenient than using the chest solution we previously offered. Users will also be able to use their favorite Runtastic app”.

Pricing and Availability

Basis Peak is available in two versions matte black case with black strap with red inserts and brushed silver case with white strap with grey inserts at a recommended retail price &euro 229. The new product will be available at major retailers in France, Germany and Italy. The device will soon be available in Spain and Switzerland. The tracker is also available for purchase in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

  • In Germany, the Basis Peak will be available from mid-September at Amazon.de, MediaMarkt and Saturn. Attend the Basis Peak presentation at IFA 2015 in Berlin September 4-9, Hall #16 .

  • In France, Basis Peak is available today on Amazon.fr, Boulanger and i-Run.

  • In Italy, Basis Peak is available today from MediaWorld.

  • In Switzerland, Basis Peak will be available soon at Brack, Galaxus and melectronics for 219 Swiss francs recommended retail price .

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