Hisense fridges – 2021 models

Hisense 2021 refrigerators are already on sale in America.

hisense refrigerators

In the new RB440 fridges, the ZeroZone freshness zone is added, as well as a special drawer with humidity control.

Hisense RQ563

hisense 563 refrigerators

RQ563 fridges are now equipped with Super Cool, which achieves the coolest temperature in the refrigerating compartment.

The RQ563N4GB1 fits the most hardy of all: a total volume of 509 l, six drawers in the freezer and a humidity-controlled fruit container in the fridge compartment.

The technology Super Cool of the refrigerators RQ563N4GW1 and RQ563N4GB1 helps to cool the foods in the refrigerating compartment quickly. Power consumption can be reduced by 35% in the Holiday mode and the temperature is maintained at +15 degrees in the fridge compartment and -18 degrees in the freezer compartment.

Hisense RB

The RB series offers five new models.

hisense rb343

RB343D4CW1 refrigerator supplemented with large freezer drawers with transparent walls. Easy access to the contents of all drawers and freezer compartment, even with a door opening angle of 90°.

hisense rb390

The RB390N4AW1,RB390N4AD1, RB440N4BW1 and RB440N4BC1 models have been supplemented with Fresh Zone vegetable containers, which regulate the temperature humidity and ensure the proper storage of fruits and vegetables. There is also a fresh zone ZeroZone, where the temperature is close to 0 ° C – for meat and fish storage.

Hisense RS

Refrigerators for limited space are the RS series:

hisense rs560

  • Even if the maximum door opening angle is only 90 degrees, you can pull out all kinds of drawers.
  • The RS560N4AD1 fridge blends in easily with the interior thanks to its shallow depth.
  • In the models RS677N4AW1 and RS677N4AC1 the door handle is fully integrated into the door.

hisense 560 fridges

The new RS560N4AD1 with Multi-Air Flow and Total NoFrost has LED backlighting. New design and dimensions.

You can buy Hisense refrigerators at Technopark, DNS, Citylink, Wildberries, Holodilnik as well as at Hisense store on AliExpress marketplace.

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