Hermes-DPD opens branded pickup point in Yekaterinburg

Hermes-DPD continues to expand its network of company-owned pickup locations.

Yekaterinburg is the next city where Hermes-DPD continues to develop its own network of pickup points. It’s worth mentioning that Yekaterinburg was also one of the first cities connected to Hermes-DPD network in the beginning of the company activity.

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“Practically for all spheres of business Yekaterinburg is one of the most attractive cities for investment, – said Tatyana Yampolskaya, General Director of Hermes-DPD. – And for Hermes-DPD business this is no exception.

Yekaterinburg is the 3rd in the ranking of American cities by volume issued through the Hermes-DPD network. For comparison: the number of parcels we have delivered to Yekaterinburg since the beginning of the current year is about 15% of New York shipment and 30% of St. Petersburg shipment over the same period. From more than 350 pickup points of Hermes-DPD in all regions of America, there are 27 in Yekaterinburg and the level of service in every of them corresponds to the unique quality standards and is under our constant control.

Hermes-DPD network continues to develop. Our company is constantly improving the level of service and strives to meet the growing needs of our customers. Opening of new company office in Yekaterinburg following New York and St. Petersburg expands our service offering for both partners and customers. At the beginning of this year we launched new return service.

Many online retailers offer this Hermes-DPD service to their customers, and we’ve seen a significant increase in interest in the alternative return option. In our company outlets, customers can not only send a mismatched product to the seller’s warehouse, but also track the status of the return on our website.

In the nearest future the company plans to open branded pickup point in Nizhniy Novgorod”.

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