Hairdryer-brush Hottek HT-967-030 – test – review

The kit of blow-dryer-brush Hottek HT-967-030 has a very interesting attachment: a wide brush for combing and styling. When I saw it for the first time, I realized that it was exactly what my sister, the lucky owner of very thick luxurious hair, had dreamed of. I’ve always been a little jealous of her, and she complained that all the combs in the hair dryers quickly break and it is difficult for her to smooth and tidy the unruly strands.

Hotter HT-967-030

Let’s see if it can do the job

Hottek HT-967-030


Functionality: 2 modes, cold air blow.

Control: three-position switch cold air, medium temperature, high temperature .

Power: 1000 watts.

Features: cord with 360 ° rotation, length 1.8 m, button lock, loop for hanging.

Extra.Features: Ionic Turmaline technology, Soft touch rubberized coating, ceramic coating on the work surface.

Accessories: 3 heads – concentrator, big comb, round brush – diameter 32mm.

Warranty: 1 year.

Service life: 2 years.

Country – Manufacturer: China.

Price: recommended retail 1590 Dollars.


Hotter HT-967-030

Cute hair dryer brush. Looks presentable, it can be bought as a gift.

Hottek HT-967-030 is comfortable to hold thanks to its soft touch rubberized coating. It does not slip, which increases the safety of use.

The cord rotates 360 degrees. It is very convenient, it will not twist or tangle. But the length is not enough, in some cases you have to use an extension cord.

Nozzles are made of quality materials, smooth, pleasant to the touch. Teeth on the brushes are firm, but not sharp, do not scratch the scalp when used.


Hotter HT-967-030 - concentrator


  • Concentrator is for drying hair. Air inlet size is 7x2cm. This accessory turns into a hair dryer that gently dries hair after washing.
  • A wide brush is the main feature of this model. Its dimensions are impressive – 12×9 cm! It’s good for styling long, thick hair. It allows you to dry them and straighten them at the same time.
  • Round brush with ceramic coating replaces the curling iron. It can be used to curl strands, create wavy curls.


During drying and styling, the built-in generator generates negative ions that reduce the static charge on the hair and increase moisture absorption. It has a positive effect on the hair: hair is shiny and does not electrify.

Modes of operation

The manufacturers write that there are two. Actually three – warm, hot and cold.

  • The most popular is a warm one. It’s perfect for gently drying and styling your hair.
  • Hotter should be used only when curling curls, or if you have limited time.
  • Cold air blowing required to keep curls in place. It is warm instead of cold. The difference can be felt when you turn it on after a hot blow dry.

Hotter HT-967-030 hair dryer brush


There is a round switch on the base of the body. Has 4 fixed positions – off, cool, warm, hot. Graphic display – understandable, clear indications.All is simple and understandable.


Hottek HT-967-030 fits comfortably even in a girl’s hand.

Simply push the button and insert your chosen nozzle. That’s it – it’s fixed.

To remove the nozzle, proceed the same way: press and remove.

  • The concentrator heats up when the hair dryer-brush works. So be careful.


There’s no recommendation in the instructions about how long the device lasts, but don’t worry.

Overheat protection will automatically switch the hair dryer brush off if necessary.

Hotter HT-967-030 brush


  • Checking specifications

Temperature: 1st speed – 55 ° C, 2nd speed – 74.5 ° C, cold blowing – 30.1 ° C.

Measured at a distance of 2-3 cm from the edge of the nozzle during one minute of operation of the hair dryer

  • Checking up the work

During the month the hair dryer-brush was used by teenagers – twins with long thick hair, a middle-aged woman with graying thin hair, a girl with very thick and unruly curls.

The most popular nozzle – a wide brush. With its help it is convenient to comb the hair, at the same time drying it. It has smooth curls. There is a slight straightening effect of naughty curls.

The hair does not get static after styling, it looks healthy and shiny.

Drying and styling takes 7-10 minutes, as long as your hair is towel dry.


The impressions are positive. The owner of fine hair would not mind a smaller brush, but my sister literally “squeaked” with happiness that finally found the nozzle, which copes with her curls.

Everyone commented that the hair dryer-brush is pleasant to hold. I liked the quality of the nozzles: the plastic is of good quality, the bristles are not sharp. All details are well thought out, important for daily use.

All of the ladies who took part in the test would keep this hair dryer for regular use.

Hottek HT-967-030 - blow dryer-brush


Hottek HT-967-030

Suitable for daily hair care. Helps to look good without wasting a lot of time. Owners of thick, naughty, long hair can style it on their own with the big brush included in the kit.

Lightweight, handy, good price/quality ratio, ionization, interesting nozzles.

The short power cord, the lack of storage bag.

consumer recommends 2020

We test it, you buy the best

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