Test hair dryer-brush BBK BHC1003ICR

And yet he spins..

Hair dryer BBK BHC1003ICR is brutal and powerful. Its round nozzle can rotate to either side, obeying a single movement of your finger.

Let’s see how easy it is to use, and whether it can help girls create their own chic hairstyles.

Price: from 1442 Dollars.

Functions: 2 speeds of airflow, cold air blowing, ionization function.

Control: speed switch and automatic nozzle rotation button on the handle, nozzles can be removed by pressing.

Power: 1000 W.

Features: overheat protection with automatic shutoff,

Extras. Convenience: tourmaline grill coating, ceramic nozzle coating, cord with the ability to rotate 360 °, cord length 180 cm, section 2×0.75 mm2, loop.

Accessories: 2 ceramic thermal brushes for modeling 40 mm and 50 mm.

Dimensions: 363x78x60 cm. Weight: 0.708 kg.

Warranty: 1 year. Lifetime warranty: 3 years.

Country of Origin: PRC.



The hair dryer looks noble and solid.

The heat-resistant plastic casing is pleasant to hold in your hand thanks to the special coating.

Thermal brushes made of ceramic are also pleasant to the touch, look neat and tidy.

BBK BHC1003ICR hair dryer brush


Simultaneous drying and styling.

With 2 temperature settings and cold airflow to choose the drying speed that suits your needs.

Ionization is activated automatically thanks to the tourmaline coating of the grid.

Nozzles rotate, which allows you to not twist the hair dryer during styling.

Comes with 2 brushes: one for thinner strands, the second – for voluminous.

BBK BHC1003ICR rear view


  • Checking performance

Power: Cooling fan – 200 W, Speed 1 – 400 W, Speed 2 – 760 W.

Temperature: Cold air blowing – 42 ° C, 1 speed – 60 ° C, 2 speed – 75 ° C.

measured at a distance of 2-3 cm from the edge of the nozzle during the minute the hair dryer

  • Checking operation

3 girls – owners of different hair long thick curly, long straight thick dyed, medium length non-dyed used this hair dryer – brush for a month.


Hair dryer-brush BBK BHC1003ICR – a very worthy model.

The hair dryer allows you to gently, gently style your hair while drying them.

Temperature mode is gentle: on the second speed it is hot, but not scalding.

Second speed is good for quick mornings when every minute counts.

The airflow on the first speed is warm, so it can dry hair gently but for a long time.

The temperature is palpably lower when cold blowing is switched on than when working on the first speed.

The brushes are not spinning very fast, which protects the hair from accidental over-twisting. The main thing is that you can always remove your finger from the button and the brush will stop spinning.

The manual has no recommendations about the time the hair dryer without a break, there is only an indication that it automatically turns off in case of overheating. During the whole test we did not encounter such a situation, the continuous operation time reached 15-20 minutes.


The brushes have a large diameter, so it is not very convenient to curl short bangs.

BBK BHC1003ICR control

BBK BHC1003ICR hair dryer brush_


  • Shift key responds well to finger movement, you do not have to press very hard.
  • The inscriptions are clear and well visible.
  • The nozzle rotation buttons work very clearly: the brush movement stops the moment you take your finger away. It prevents the hair from being twisted too much on the brush.
  • The nozzles are easy to remove and put on, do not come off during operation.


I had to learn by experience how to change the nozzles, there is no word about it in the manual. And it’s easy: you just need to press the “top” of the nozzle, and they are removed.


A good model. The hair dryer-brush looks very dignified. And it works just as well: it’s great for styling your hair, helping you create voluminous looks, and curling your locks. It is especially useful for women with long hair. Very short haircuts can hardly be cut with this hair dryer-brush, there is no fine nozzle.

Working temperatures allow not to fear for the condition of the hair. It has a cool air blast function that can help you build volume. The price is affordable, while the hair dryer itself looks “more expensive” than the price tag. You should agree that you do not see it very often.

Rotating brushes, easy operation, good operating temperature range, nice texture, affordable price.

No fine brush for styling short hair.

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