Gardena has a wide range of pumps for everything

For many gardeners, centralised water supply is still just a dream. To forget about heavy buckets and watering cans forever, you need to take care of buying the right pump. Gardena experts know how to choose between a variety of models.

Gardening Equipment

You can’t do without water in the yard. The sauna, watering the garden and washing the car require a lot of water. Today a country house is unthinkable without pumps for water, irrigation, emptying waste water and dirty water, etc.d. For these and many other applications you can choose from the wide range of Gardena pumps.

Whether you have a borehole or a well in your garden, the submerged auto high-pressure pump 6000/5 Comfort is the answer. With its high flow rate of 6,000 l/h, it keeps water flowing smoothly. With its ability to go as deep as 13 meters underwater, it is perfect for deep wells. Integrated electronics and a manometric switch ensure that the pump turns on when water is needed and turns off at the end of work. This will increase user-friendliness, protect the pump and save energy.

With a diameter of only 9.8 cm, the Automatic Well Pump 6000/5 inox Premium is ideal for very narrow wells. It takes in water from a depth of up to 20 metres using a seven-stage impeller. The maximum water delivery capacity is 6 000 l/h. The stainless steel housing makes it a long-lasting assistant to the gardener. Built-in filter to prevent foreign objects from entering. Such equipment is the best choice for private domestic water supply and adjacent territory irrigation.

Gardena drain pumps are used for pumping water out of swimming pools, wells, ponds and even flooded premises. The AquaSensor Comfort Multifunctional Dirty Water Pump 8500 can transfer or drain dirty water with solid contaminants up to 30 mm in diameter. This way it is able to drain water that has been mixed with sand and other impurities. Its maximum discharge capacity is 8,300 l/h.

Gardena garden pumps are great for watering your garden. The Gardena 5000/5 LCD, for example, helps its owner to irrigate his or her lawn with rainwater from a barrel, well or other reservoir. It has a maximum capacity of 4 500 l/h. The pump is equipped with a built-in filter that protects the tool from sand and other impurities. This model is the clever choice especially in the dry summer when the plants need a lot more water, i.e. for gardening, gardening and landscape maintenance. The pump is equipped with an LCD display that shows pressure readings, water consumption, warnings of cold weather, possible malfunctions and much more. This allows the user to be in control of the entire work process.

The use of pumps on the site will permanently solve the problem of domestic inconveniences in the countryside and turn a vacation in the country into a real holiday.

Approximate price:

Submersible high-pressure pump 6000/5 Comfort Automatic – 17 999 Dollars.

Gardena Gardena 6000/5 inox Premium Automatic Well Pump – 19 999 RUR.

Dirty water drainage pump 8500 AquaSensor Comfort – 6,399 Dollars.

5000/5 LCD Comfort automatic submersible pressure pump – 14 999 Dollars.

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